Jul 13, 17 / Leo 26, 01 06:02 UTC

Will the Constitution be amended?  

The most notable, and common objection from people is regarding Asgardia being a Kingdom. Surely if Asgardia is looking to the stars for a better and more unified future, a more equitable future where Earths borders and disputes cannot and will not be allowed to transfer into Space, then why are we bring back one of the most archaic government structures? Why not a democratic nation? Or meritocratic? I cannot understand why you can see the value of obviously ruling out a theocracy, but allowing a monarchy instead.

Secondly, the lack of social laws is worrying. It's explicitly mentioned that no disputes and conflicts of Earth will be allowed in Asgardia, that no matter what country you're from, in Asgardia, everyone is equal - but does that also extend to differences in race, gender identity, religious belief, and sexual orientation? Are all Asgardians explicitly protected from discrimination of all and any kind? Many Constitutions on Earth explicitly protect minorities based on gender identity, on sexual orientation, on religious belief, etc, but some nations, even some powerful nations, have enshrined discrimination into their laws. What assurances are there Asgardians that come from nations with a record of human rights abuses and discrimination's against minorities won't simply bring their bigoted and hateful beliefs up to space with them? What policy is in place to safeguard ALL Asgardians? 

Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 19:31 UTC

I wonder if the monarchy aspect is in the same vein as the "dictatorship of proletariat" that became permanant in Soviet society even though its main purpose was to fashion a cohesive transition from capitalism to communism.

Jul 16, 17 / Vir 01, 01 20:49 UTC

Short answer to OP: Don't hold your breath. The higher-up, as had become apparent recently, have no interest in any sort of "interference" by the common folk.

Jul 17, 17 / Vir 02, 01 01:37 UTC

What tells you this won't be a theocracy? I'm seeing so much faith into last statements, since a month ago. Chances are this will be a theocracy. ;-)