Apr 2, 17 / Tau 08, 01 15:37 UTC

Working Thread - Compilation of Community Suggestions for the Declaration of Unity  

Hello all! 

The team to start compiling the community suggestions for the Declaration of Unity has been gathered and are now working on pulling all of the great suggestions from the Asgardia community into one document. They will be gathering all suggestions made up until and including April 15, 2017 and compiling them in the below document. 


The community can view their progress but will not be able to input their suggestions, only the team members members can. Please be respectful of their work and of them giving what spare time they have to help complete this important project. 

There is a deadline of April 15, 2017 set for completion of this compilation document. After, this document will be reviewed an a final draft will be posted on the Asgardia.space website for community viewing until Unity Day where it will be voted upon. 

Kind regards, 

Rebekah Berg,

 Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

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Apr 13, 17 / Tau 19, 01 17:49 UTC

Thank you all for your input! Many great suggestions posted and now compiled into the document. Thanks guys! 

-John Skieswanne, Declaration of Unity volunteer

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