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Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 05:37 UTC

on addressing criminal activity in general  

Keep in mind that when people finally make it to Asgardia, that the space there is never going to really change. As with other aspects of life on a space station, the space inside the station will be extremely limited. There won't be any building bigger and better prisons.. if we are lucky there will be MAYBE a few "holding cells" and that's it... so... what to do with people who commit a "crime" (defined as whatever it will be when all the laws are finally written)... kill them as some suggest? rather harsh isnt it?

No... I say punish them yes... incarcerate them? no... long term incarceration is NOT an option due to space limitations.... so how do we punish them? That's the easy part.... EVERY community even here on earth, has "undesirable" or maybe even dangerous jobs.... the same will hold true on Asgardia.. there will be jobs that no one really wants to do but that need done... some examples of this might be

  • cleanup of waste recycling
  • any job that is tedious and requires monotonous repetition
  • out of atmosphere jobs (anything that requires working outside the confines of the space station itself
  • handling of dangerous materials

any one of these could serve as punishment for someone committing a "crime"

Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 15:27 UTC

First up, for building a station suitable for mass habitation lifting mass required from the floor to do so is unfeasible on many fronts, so before we do that we'll be needing to tap the infinite resources of the universe(starting with the less infinite, but abundant in the solar system). With such resources on tap, building bigger isn't much of a concern. Stations can be expanded to maximum design capacity(assuming they take the form of a modular format that is expandable) easily, and building more stations is trivial. Including facilities intended to house prisoners(Unused space can be rented to Earth to take their prison population overspill). As for resource attribution for criminals, to be able to support our population independant of Earth(critical, with predicted increases in failing crops due to climate change, spiraling populations and requiring to build on farming land to house population) we'll be able to deploy orbital farms, which in the area between the earth and the moon alone, enough sunlight misses the Earth enough to handle anything we require, and offload excess to Earth

I'm personally in agreement with the general trend that to "best" way to deal with "criminal" behaviour is most likely to not be "punishment" but instead for the larger number of cases education and positive rehabilitation steps that would assist them in being able to select a different lifestyle. Ofc, there's always the ones that refuse to be helped. Now, really consider these cases. They will feature much deficit thinking.

Even a waste recycling plant is dangerous to let this sort of person into. Should they be so inclined, they can damage the facility - which is likely to be an essential system.

Most tasks of tedious monotony can by automated.

Spacewalks are considered dangerous - but that's in the same way jumping out of a plane is dangerous. Correctly equipped, it's reasonably safe, but when something goes wrong, you've not many chances. Then consider what would be required from such activities - usually there's some sincere reason for venturing out into somewhere significantly less safe. Could you really entrust w/e this task is to criminals? I'd rather it be undertaken by skilled engineers.

Handling of dangerous materials? by criminals? That sounds safe...

I'm sure there's productive things they could possibly be doing, but you want real careful consideration of what tasks you will entrust to the demonstrated untrustable.

Jan 12, 17 / Aqu 12, 01 01:13 UTC

josiahsettles's suggestion is the most sensible. A person who commits a crime should be judged before a group of their peers; if that person is found guilty, then the responsibilities of the criminal are as follows.

  • The person who committed the crime must make restitution to any living beings they may have hurt. The person must hear a statement, made by the being they hurt, about how they felt that they were hurt or victimized., The person who committed the crime is compelled to issue a public apology.

  • The person who committed the crime must replace any damaged or stolen property.

  • The person will serve the community by doing "civic duty": garbage collecting, janitorial duties, infrastructure repair, mundane data collection, doing (supervised!!!) filing for low-level government agencies, and so forth. The purpose of this arrangement would be twofold. One, it would serve as a punishment for harm done. This is only fair to the victim of the crime or, if there is no victim, to the reputation of the individual who committed the crime and to the nation of Asgardia as a whole. Two, it would give the individual who committed the crime an opportunity to build their skill set and rehabilitate them into society so that they no longer have to resort to crime. This work would be supervised / overseen by an individual who works for the Ministry of Justice to ensure that criminals are being treated correctly and are not being abused.

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May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 23:59 UTC

Debemos tener en cuenta algo, Asgarida es una estado como cualquier otros, lo único que lo diferencia de los demas estados, es su situación geográfica. Por ende la única diferencia respecto al trato de la prevención del delito y los criminales, debe ser su entorno, es decir, se debe adaptar el catálogo de delitos a las circunstancia  únicas existentes en su entorno, por lo demas, su código penal y leyes penales serán iguales a las de cualquier estado. En cuanto a la prevención de la criminalidad, si varia un poco, cada sociedad tienes los criminales que se merece, dependiendo el entorno la criminalidad varia, quizás en Asgardia no veamos delitos como secuestro, pero quizas se presta mucho para el terrorismo, cualquier objeto lanzado desde Asgardia causaría graves daños a la superficie de la tierra por ejemplo. 

We must take into account something, Asgarida is a state like any other, the only thing that sets it apart from the other states, is its geographical location. Therefore, the only difference with respect to the treatment of crime prevention and criminals must be their environment, that is to say, the catalog of crimes must be adapted to the unique circumstances existing in their environment, for that matter, their penal code and laws Penalties shall be equal to those of any state. As for crime prevention, if it varies a little, each society has the criminals it deserves, depending on the environment varies crime, perhaps in Asgardia we do not see crimes as kidnapping, but perhaps lends much to terrorism, any object Launched from Asgardia would cause serious damage to the surface of the earth for example.

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