Can 20, 02 / Jun 9, 18 04:05 UTC

Re:Should the Asgardian Police carry and use firearms or any other lethal weapons?  

Ignoring the troll who is chilling on the site posting about how this will never work, etc....

It looks like the general consensus makes, well sense. Actual projectile weapons of destructive force SHOULD be for emergencies only. A proper system for this would be two or three random people are given a code and all three must unlock the storage facility (Which SHOULD be in a remote area with an option for jettison in case of faults or technological failures) before issuing. At that stage, the fingerprint idea would be an alright preventative measure. There would need to be a much more secure method in case someone wants to actually cause harm.

As for arming the peace keeping force: Airsoft Guns for example are extremely effective and safe for within a space station, tasers, pepper gas, batons, etc would be fine. Beyond that though, something else that needs to be taken into extreme consideration is the method of and the choosing of the peace keeping force. We cannot allow something like Ferguson, MI to occur, or any of the other articles you see across the United States. 

Leo 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 18:02 UTC

As new member of Asgardia Nation i want to say my personal opinion: the guns for me are form of fear and  we need use weapons only for emergency situation.

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Leo 16, 02 / Jul 3, 18 13:30 UTC

So as I am reading this thread I am seeing alot of pro weapons and "show of force" we are not building a backwards society here. We are for the future and for Asgardia to be the future I feel we need to set an example to other nations. I joined Asgardia because it spoke to me. A new beginning where humanity can prevail. We do not need weapons or firearms. I have 4 years service with the British army I am also fully qualified security officer and I can tell you weapons and conflict solves nothing. We have non lethal and safe ways to deal with crime, and for war we have a structured government being built to avoid this. So trust in Asguaria for weapons is a step back and we are moving forward. 

Thank you. 

B. Alexander