When taking any sort of approach at how we handle Criminal Justice we should, if not already, address the underlying causes of crime and the criminal mindset. We are not so ignorant to believe that there lacks the existence of people who just want to be criminals. However, I wasn't sure which forum to put this here but perhaps by taking the various successful Earth Criminal Justice and Mental Health rehabilitation programs in order to combat crime, so my biggest questions are:

1) How will Asgardia tackle mental health and its' effects on crime rate?

2) Would Asgardian citizens maintain the concept of "If it harms no other, then it should be legal." position when legalizing recreational drugs?

3) If there comes a point where Asgardia is able to maintain lands under Asgardian use and jurisdiction, what standards would be strictly upheld regarding incarceration, if any? 

4) Will our legislation that fosters a pro-business expansion also recognize the contribution that poverty and poor infrastructure contributes to crime rate, and how would we maintain, economically and socially, preventative measures such as how Earth countries face through things like minimum wage, preventing ex-convicts from being employed, etc.? 

5) Most importantly, in what perspective will criminal records be upheld in Asgardian society, such as being barred from jobs, homes, or businesses after due punishment and consequence has been served?

6) Will Asgardia implement any sort of black and white criminal code, or would we better benefit from a grey scale area, especially seeing every case as individual circumstances (i.e.: no two crimes are the same)?

7) Under what methods will Asgardia attempt to eliminate the inevitable discrimination cases that may arise either between races, religions, genders, etc. or would it apply under the concept listed in #6?

Perhaps these have been discussed in other threads, but I feel like these are intertwined and need to be addressed primarily. We may not need such a large matter of criminal justice if we can tackle what causes crime in the first place and attempt to narrow the demographic down to just people who want to cause trouble.