(apologies if this is a double post. I hit Publish and it took me to a blank screen. there won't be a triple post)

As a long-time computer programmer and cryptocurrency enthusiast, I was disappointed to see that there is not an existing Solar/Lunar (Asgardia version) on an existing blockchain. Or maybe there is and I just couldn't find it? So I am offering some resources to help in this area. Let's please not take the existing code of another cryptocurrency and modify it with a different key format and call it the Asgardia currency. Let's write it from scratch, and use a quantum computing resistant cryptographic algorithm. Is there a working group already tasked with this? Well where are they and why aren't they updating everyone? If not, would anyone be interested in starting one?

On another note that is not pure cryptocurrency talk, but relevant and related, I think we should consider a proof-of-authority system whereby a centralized digital bank would guarantee a universal minimum income to citizens via a daily, weekly, or monthly stipend of solars/lunars to citizens' wallets. It would encourage citizenship, encourage commerce, and establish a model of economy for the next century. I know this decision falls outside the scope of this forum. I'm just thinking and talking. :)