Hi there,

first I want to say this (because I think many people that feel bad will read this as well) :

I think it that the price of BTC will go up again.. I cannot be sure, noone can, but it will probably be ok again.

But....I sold everything... My cryptocurrency that is Smiley

The reason is that I can not grasp the reason of the cause behind the value changing so much whenever it happens.

"ooooh now it went up a lot"...

"aaaaah now it went down a lot"

Then you google and google and wonder....WHY? Why did it go up a lot. Why did it go down a lot.

Sometimes you can find out about some guy with influence that said something on a conference on the other side of the World.

Sometimes it is because a site like coinbase made a mistake or introduced something new..

If lots of people buy, it goes up.

If lots of people sell, it goes down.

I understand...

But if I look at the big picture, it is still a mystery Smiley

So..while I still had a little bit of profit I sold everything.

I did not put in my life savings, but still enough to make me feel bad if the bitcoin would go down a lot more.

I also have to think about taxes (I hate doing taxes!). Here in Scandinavia I have to write down everything. All the order numbers, the amounts,,.... I will take me hours of looking up how to do it properly.

And then I have  to pay 30% taxes over the profit because they validate the bitcoin like a lottery here (and I see the resemblance as well!)

I also bought it from websites from other countries and then the amounts are of course in the wrong valuta... .....horrible....  Wink

I wish all of you "bitcoiners" a very happy 2018. May all of you have profits!! (I feel like a ferengi all of a sudden)

And ehh...I probably will be back again. Just like a lottery, it is a bit of a "kick" one can get out of having a profit.