Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 04:50 UTC

Perfect Death Storm for BTC Prices  

Tether used a Fractional Reserve System to Prop up Bitcoin to the $20,000 mark

US Regulators are looking into Tether for Fraud, which ends the manipulation

China is Banning Bitcoin Mining.

China Bans all trading and Blocks External Exchanges (Cutting off any new money from China.)

US Banks block most credit cards from Buying Crypto  (Cutting out large influx of potential investment from US Citizens.)

Credit Cards that are still allowed to buy bitcoin are charging Cash Advance Fees.

US GOV Changes Tax Laws , Taxing every single trade and Bans Like of Kind Exchanges.

IRS is going after anyone that made a profit.

Bitcoin Future Markets draw money away to FIAT only Markets, which only draws money away that would have went into Bitcoin.

(Also Allows Shorting to Drive the Price even Lower.)

For any that are clueless , this is how the World Government and the Bankers try and destroy Bitcoin and the threat known as Crypto.

The enemies of Crypto , don't need to drive the price of BTC to ZERO , they just need to drive the prices low enough that it is no longer profitable for the miners to mine.  Tongue

The War of old FIAT verses New Crypto has begun and it won't be pretty.

Pick your Coins, Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a Fight to the Death between FIAT and Virtual Currencies , and it will not be for the squeamish.

Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 15:12 UTC

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