Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 00:27 UTC

A language starts from slang, let's share our favorite words.  

Language starts from slang, slang starts from words that are baked into our vocabulary. Let's share some words we use a lot in our native language and natural habitats.
For exception, Cursing is allowed here as long as people don't get offended.

Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 00:48 UTC

I have a few favourite words, some aren't really slang but I like them.

Baka - means "fool; idiot", or (as an adjectival noun) "foolish" and is the most frequently used pejorative term in the Japanese language. I use this a lot when my friends are doing something silly or idiotic.

Double-double - this is a huge Canadian thing, a phrase that’s said when ordering a coffee with two creams and two sugars. I usually take my morning tea double-double milk, which means two shots of milk and two sugars.

Keener - A person who is who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic in studying or doing a task.

Anyhoozles - A transition used in conversation, similar to the word 'anyway'. Usually used as a humorous way of changing or moving the subject along.

That's all I can think of at the moment! Can't wait to see what others come up with!


Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 01:04 UTC

Gaming Origins
1. Noob - Someone new, who still needs to learn the basic skills. Acting like a noob makes you noobish
2. Get rekt - I intimidate you, I defeat you, I humiliatie you.

Japanese origin
3. Gaijin - Outsider, someone who does not understand.

Slavic Origin
4. Na Zdrowie - I wish you good health, I bless you, cheers, "bon appetit".

Dutch origin
5. Wandelaar - Someone who prefers to walk instead of anything else. He does not want to leave any land on earth.
6. Meut'n - Dialect slang from Alost. Say this to someone and you're telling him he acts stupid, silly, inappropriate or uneducated.
7. omzjiep - means ruined in several Belgian dialects. (t'is omzjiep = It's ruined)
8. kak - 'Sh¨t', used as a curse word.
9. Schijt - 'sh¨t', used as a word for (fluid) stool. Saying "you get schijt" as a way of speaking means that something is very much annoying you.
10. Godgans - means completely. eg: Godgans omzjiep = completely ruined.

Dutch and French mixed origin
11. santé - I wish you good health, I bless you, cheers. Used in case of sneezing or raising a glass.

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Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 01:59 UTC

Oh I almost forgot my favourite slang word:

Frak - originated in the show Battlestar Galactica, a curse word close to another English F word

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 03:03 UTC

My favourite word Ah?! <- from canada

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 00:54 UTC

Another one I really Love is "Kawai" = Cute. Thanks to my anime loving friends. :p
On the Facebook group, I saw another cool one: "Being Jelly" = feeling weak or overwhelmed by cuteness.
On the internet I picked up today: "Adorkable" = Being cute while being geeky.

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Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 07:01 UTC

Dylan Lanckman

You forgot pwned in gaming as well as scrublet.

Online/Social Media - Lol = Laugh out loud Omg = Oh my god Lmao/Lmfao= Laughing my ass off/Laughing my F@$&ing ass off

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 17:31 UTC

Baka is Croatian for grandmother, and it is a term used to describe a native tribe.

That one probably shouldn't be a slang for an idiot in Asgardia, lest we offend Croatian grandmothers or Cameroonian pygmies. ;)

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 23:26 UTC

Tell that to the Japanese citizens, and animie fans everywhere.

My captcha for this post was one of my most common used slang: "meh" It's the disinterested or non-commital noise caused by apathy when you're not happy enough or unhappy enough to actually make further effort.

Generally I've avoided input from this thread up until now, I've spent a lot of time on /b and urban dictionary, I know much slang, but some people would prefer going the rest of their lives without discovering what "smeltching" is.

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Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 01:40 UTC

Our whole language in Australia is basically slang, but here are some of my favorites that I often use:

Buckley's – equivalent to a snowball’s chance in hell “You’ve got Buckley’s of that happening.”

Two chances – Buckley’s and something less likely than Buckley’s “I’ve got two chances to pass this exam.”

Cactus - dead, broken “My car is cactus.”

Furphy – a rumour or a bold lie “That story about John catching a 25kg Barra was a furphy.”

Iffy – questionable, dodgy “That repair is iffy.”

Silly as a two bob watch - Intellectually deficient “Mick is as silly as a two bob watch.”

Sparrow’s fart – dawn “I have to get up at sparrow fart tomorrow.”

Bag of fruit – suit “I’m absolutely melting in this bag of fruit.”

Shank’s pony – walking somewhere “If you can’t afford a taxi, take Shank’s pony.”

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 19:58 UTC

Moin [ˈmɔɪn] ( or Moinmoin :

It's an universal greeting; see wikipedia for details.

Schiet (or shiet) [ʃiːt] :

No joke, it's the offical low german word for shit but it's way less vulgar than its english counterpart.
So'n schiet! => Oh, crap!

Tja [tjaː] :

General german expression like 'tcha' or 'Oh, well'. It's universal for having your piece of bread landing with the butter side down or total global annihilation, mostly accompanied by shrugging with your shoulders, accepting the inevitable.

Ahoy (/əˈhɔɪ/) ( :

Universal signal word for greeting, warning, farewell; see wikipedia for details.

Mors :

General north german word for buttocks, not vulgar. It gets a bit vulgar when used as an insult, but not quite as insulting as 'You bugger!'

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 15:50 UTC

My personal favorite word in english is spiffy. It started being used in the USA Navy, and when used the describe a person as in "she looked really spiffy today" means sharply dressed and looking good, but can be used to describe an object or event as being really cool as well. 

But my favorite expression in American Sign Language(ASL) is called Do-Do and it's made by tapping your index finger and thumb together on both hands palm up with the rest of your fingers folded down on your palm. It's basically asking "what are you doing?" "what did you do?" Or "what will you be doing" depending on the facial expressions and context. 

I think it would be really cool if people integrated sign language from all over the place into every day expression and habitual gestures. Because there is no way that at some point some one won't go deaf or have a deaf child so it would be cool if everyone already knew some form of sign language. 

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Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 21:53 UTC

Chido (spanish) - Pronouce chee-dô, means cool, ok, bye

Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 21:55 UTC

scam: A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 13:28 UTC

get'r done.  Canada term out of Newfoundland to get things done despite any obstacles.  For instance if you don't have your tools but you need to fix something, so you improvise or find another way.