Dec 30, 16 01:08 UTC

Asgardian Slang Dictionary?  

Any writers here want to get involved into writing a slang dictionary?

Jan 4, 17 17:02 UTC

I am intrigued, but what is a slang dictionary?

Jan 4, 17 18:43 UTC

Are we going to have a slang-bot? ;-)

Grtz, Dirk.

Jan 11, 17 11:25 UTC

If we aren't careful this could turn into a total goose-flap. Boom. First one in there.

Jan 21, 17 02:56 UTC

Hello, fellow Asgardians!

As a researcher in Applied Linguistics, I take full interest in collaborating to the production of an Asgardian slang dictionary. I'll keep eyes open to this topic, tell me in which ways I can help. Regards, Geisson Homrich

Nov 18, 01 / Nov 22, 17 04:16 UTC

What's up my glib-globs!