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Nov 5, 01 / Nov 9, 17 06:41 UTC

Range of eye vision and mind vision  

This is strange that man is trying to live in space... But how about social life, which we are enjoying on earth?

Nov 5, 01 / Nov 9, 17 09:12 UTC

It is not only because we want to explore space but mainly because
we are busy destroying earth and all life with it. So if humanity wants
to survive they have to find solutions in space to preserve earth from
further destruction. In the end earth and nature will restore itself, but
we must give it a change otherwise it will become a dead planet.

For the social aspect we have not to worry, we live in a digital age and
we have enough communication tools. If we really are the persons who
we present online i see no troubles to live together in a decent way.

Greetings, Dirk.

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Nov 5, 01 / Nov 9, 17 09:56 UTC

I don't even understand the question - are you asking if we can handle the lonelyness of space travel, if it will be lonely... something about vision? or some other question I don't see?