Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 15:42 UTC

The Asgardian Girl A Novel Concept  

Hi Fellow Asgardian i have a idea of a novel to write in the forum for fun & entertainment in the weekly basis for fellow asgardian..... The novel concept is about a child who's space ship crash in a unknown planet in which she is a lone survivor & the story revolves around her only..... & The concept name is THE ASGARDIAN GIRL...... but for this i need dialogue writer because i have the story & screenplay with but i don't of knowledge of the writing so i require some assistance & i have presented my idea to the official & they are ok with this so who ever wants to help please let me know...................


kashif shaikh

Sep 19, 18 / Sco 10, 02 22:39 UTC

Can you tell me what it's about? I mean the plot and story progression