Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 16:00 UTC

An example, how dangerous for the Cybersecurity if all of the MPs are 40+ years old  

I give you an example below how dangerous for the Cybersecurity if there are no young MPs. This idea was from a 49 years old MP, now he is 52, and most of those who agreed were 40+. The 0.62$ / GB internet tax is an instant bancruptcy for those who get a DDOS attack. Those 40+ years old MPs and their 40+ years old IT consultants didn't understand well how the internet works now.

Jan 2, 18 / Aqu 02, 02 01:16 UTC

I understand your concern but,
Over 40s are not the problem. The wrong people in the wrong jobs is the problem.
If you are over 40, you may remember when running a new piece of software or playing a game, involved typing it out first.
I started programming in 1984, but drifted into DOS scripting due to the quick satisfaction.
I am 47, and generated my first PGP key in 1999 on my Amiga PC. I use certificates to sign and add OS standard validation and encryption to all my email.
I went from electrical engineering into IT in 1995, and became a IT Director of an IT company in 1998.
I favour free Opensource software, and have contributed to the development of many tools including Avira antivirus and Vivaldi browser
Now I am an independent IT consultant and tech radio show host.
Currently I am an admin at several gaming forums and am a member of the Chaotic Dreams dev team, currently building a new Chaos for Unreal Tournament. The head of the project is older than me. I am also a member of the group that created the GameSpy replacement, so am responsible for keeping 1000s of gamers connected.
There are even tech savvy gamers that are over 60, and have been hosting severs since 1999.

Older People Use More Complex Passwords than Tech-Savvy Millennials

A Look Into Online Security Through the Ages

Less Than One-Third of People Use Two-Factor Authentication

Report: 40% of IT security leaders don't change default admin passwords

Jan 9, 18 / Aqu 09, 02 02:57 UTC

Thanks for your vote of confidence. UAE makes it still very easy to use a fast "Realtime OS" withing a hulking bloatfest :D

Most traditional high level politicians are "Career Politicians" and have wasted their lives with self-promotion and self-belief.
Actual nerds that know stuff, spend their life filling their heads with information and knowledge, so tend to follow a different path. Often they are shy and introverted.
Millions of people staring at your face on screen is not what most nerds want in their life.
People keep telling me I should be a Politician, but I don't have the time or the desire, so even if I was a great politician we will never know.

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 17:52 UTC

Good post Doc.   

It is specious reasoning to assume a link between Age & technical skill.  I will take the time worn wisdom of a seasoned sysadmin over the quick command issuing arrogance of youth any day.   As a young IT tech I was often faster than my older counterparts, and I marveled at how much slower they were.    I also made mistakes 10 times faster, because I was more concerned with my ego & my appearance as a rock star IT technician than I was with things like customer experience, SLAs, and business impact.   Wisdom & patience are highly underrated in an industry whose decisions are frequently hijacked by FUD due to lack of understanding.