Aug 13, 17 / Lib 01, 01 16:46 UTC

E-mail change security.  

Not sure where to ask, but I'd like to point a bug, which I've found a minute ago.

I'd got my e-mail compromised, so I went to change it, on all the sites I used the email. So, here is the issue:

If you go and change your e-mail through "My profile" page, the login e-mail won't change, which makes anyone vulnerable to unauthorized access in case you'll get your email stolen.

Speaking simple, my concern is that despite e-mail change on my profile page, login email remains the initial one.

Aug 13, 17 / Lib 01, 01 18:28 UTC

Hello @krass09 Please send an email to our support team at make sure to include your login ID, your registered email and a description of the problem.