Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 15:37 UTC

Hosting of Asgardian digital environment and citizen verification  

If we're going to base our democracy on a digital platform surely it would make sense to at least host everything bar the front facing access site in a private cloud which can be properly controlled against general intrusion. Another easy win is access validation- if the Asgardian government becomes recognised as a certifying authority we could issue legally recognised digital signatures to all citizens which would be a massive leap ahead if we do this as a society rather than leaving it to a commercial body to profit from our requirement to be able to prove identity in the noosphere. Anyone got experience working with digital certs?

Aug 10, 17 / Vir 26, 01 11:25 UTC


I think we all agree that the security of the authentication and prevention of data leaks need to be prioritary. There's a post that seems to lead all the debate: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/cybersecurity-151/topic/basic-levels-of-security-6380/

Regarding to the hosting I believe that we need to considere hosting our database and even the web on our own satellite. I'm just sharing an idea because I don't know if this is realizable and what problems we would face if this is became real (bandwith, speed...). But I think that if we are going to be, bydefinition, an extraterrestial nation we need to start thinking extraterrestrial :-)