Aug 23, 17 / Lib 11, 01 04:05 UTC

Should Asgardia build a Quantum Satellite?  

With china building a quantum satellite for distributing secure encryption keys,  proving the technology works.

is this not something that should be a high priority, and be used to incorporated into our cryptocurrency and a secure internal communication?

Sep 7, 17 / Lib 26, 01 12:18 UTC

Yes, and it should be high priority once the tech is more available, otherwise investigated for development by our nation. Why? People don't understand the absolute dangers of Cyber Security. There is no secrecy, or privacy anymore, at least on the web. Going to certain places ensures someone compromising your operating system and gives them access to monitor everything you do. No only that but there have been thousands of Cyber weapons that were created and forgotten, let loose, and any hacker has the ability to get their hands on it. It's only a matter of months before the next few thousand cyber weapons are created, stronger than the last. But the biggest problem is that these threats originate from the very sources that claim to protect us from cyber security. As such, Asgardia needs a top team of experts in this field in order for us to have any kind of security or privacy, otherwise sub-par efforts to achieve Cyber Stability, will be pointless. I suggest looking into interviews with the world's best expert on the matter, John Mcafee. He explains many problems of today and the future and how it only gets worse.