Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 13:13 UTC

A New way to make Economy Works!  

Hello Asgardians,

Well i am here to say a Idea of mine, i think it can work to begin our economy. lets begin:

First, the beginning of our economy would be tragic, there no value in our coin (that i will call Asgardia Credits/AC to simplify) and close to none economic value (and the way to win AC would be flawed, because we do not work in Asgardia to create a rotativity of money), it would be a grand problem of ours.

The solution that i have thinked its simple but it can probably works:

Create a Site like a bank where we have control of ours AC and so on, in this site would have a part to Jobs Requests and we would pay with CA this requests, a example of this would be:

  1. Help Asgardia BOINC Project - 20 CA per 100 BOINC points (its only a figurative example);
  2. Send a draft of a Article to ANN - if approved 50 AC;
  3. User BohZao need a Web Designer - 100 AC for a site and 30/month to mantain the site(its only a figurative example).

With this way we could create a functional Economy, the requests could be accepted and would be supervised by a Admin ou a Asgardia Team to stop some from not pay and regularize the situation.

There would be no problem to create requests if you have the AC, and if you need some CA you could accept a request from Asgardia (since they need to "give" some AC to us, to begin a economy)

With this we could begin to make a standart value to AC as the request would go on (there would be no fixed value at the start)

I would like of the help of Asgardians to help me with some Constructive criticism.

Humberto - ANBR

Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 13:19 UTC

I have seen, and been part of, several webforums that use a similar setup. It is not unprecedented.


Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 17:00 UTC

Phick yes foruns use that, but we are putting it in a real economy, the context is not the same, i am using as basic for our economy the Law of supply and demand, In a normal and healthy economy it would go on this Cycle:

  1.   A organization need someone for a job and offer money;
  2.   Someone go and 'pick' the job for the money;
  3.  After that he uses this money that he have gained to go buy things;
  4.  The place where he have Bought the product use the money to pay someone;
  5.  Repeat this Cycle;

  I am sugesting it because we do not have Asgardian Jobs, we do not circulate money, so the coin of Asgardia would be drastically undervalued at the point where it could destroy our "economy".

The idea to use its method its to put the money to circulate, we would all have a way to 'gain' money, and begin to adquire value to our coin...


there is a problem with it, we do not have where to spend the Asgardia Coin, there no place selling products or services after we win some AC what we wil do with it, well Asgardia could use its store to us begin spending the AC, but after we have exausted our AC how we will win more of AC's?? 

I have dificulty to explain the totality of my idea because my english is horrible.

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Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 21:16 UTC

I guess the real question is what is there to spend the money (credit) on

Jun 7, 17 / Can 18, 01 03:36 UTC

Essentially what we need is a functioning market, as long as we trade with gor, it will gain its value. And since we are still a completely digital nation, things should be pretty simple as the currency is just lines of codes. And we trade just like we do on Amazon or eBay. Sounds easy enough.