Which option should we prioritize? Asgardia cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or.. ?

Total votes: 28

67.9% Asgardia cryptocurrency Official (itself)

17.9% Bitcoin

3.6% Cryptocurrency other

3.6% Do not use money in any way

3.6% Basket of Coins

3.6% I am not satisfied with any of the alternatives

Dec 31, 16 03:22 UTC

Asgardia cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or.. ? (Symbolic voting)  

Symbolic voting. Which option should we prioritize? I read, and agree with many different points. Let us choose in which option we will dedicate our effort and dedication.

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Jan 2, 17 00:42 UTC

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is still at the stage of development, and its usage has some requirement for the personal electric device. So It's a possible option that still needs to be verified.

Jan 3, 17 07:46 UTC

How about selecting the "winner" from above voting to be a "test" during this early funding period, and make up our minds after we've made ourselves some experiences?

Jan 4, 17 01:09 UTC

I have think about a another alternativ, but, it is to hard for me to trad this. Somoene can trad my text for me? It's ok if i post here?