Dec 11, 17 / Cap 09, 01 06:03 UTC

Basic needs of an economic system  

I just want to make a short post highlighting the basic goals of any economic system as a point of reference for any discussion on possible economic systems. Namely, an economic system must seek to maximize production while preventing poverty. Any economic system should pass through these two gates: Does this prevent or at least not induce poverty? Does this encourage maximum production? This is why pure economic systems fail (pure capitalism without any socialism does not prevent poverty and pure communism does not encourage maximum production). Any economic system must work to ensure that increasing production and innovation are rewarded and encouraged while also preventing poverty. (Note that an enlightened society such as the one we are seeking to create might measure "production" as more than just the financial gain, and as such an economy that also encourage non-profitable production and innovation is also important).

Dec 13, 17 / Cap 11, 01 00:23 UTC

These basic needs exist in any economic system be it a cash driven or cashless one. Even if it is an economy without currency you still have to make sure there is motivation to be a productive member of society and to do one's best, and yuou still need to make sure that you prevent poverty.

Dec 29, 17 / Cap 27, 01 07:35 UTC

Just a note. Communism is not Socialism. Communism did focused Socialism as it's primary socioeconomic system, but it also use capitalism for specially selected people. So, they are never to be ganged together.

In fact, we have not seen any pure socialism in the last 1,000 years. All forms of it in modern days were perverted to some degree.

However, I do agree and share the same sentiments. Whichever socioeconomic system adopted or developed must be one that ensures that we do not fall into the same problems as most modern countries do. There is a system that was developed by Jacque Fresco for The Venus Project, that I believe could work very well.

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Jun 26, 18 / Leo 09, 02 18:28 UTC

When many people think of a utopian society, it's always currency-free. For me, the idea of a 'National Bank' of Asgardia is the main stumbling block. I think it would be prudent and wise to learn from history, and REALLY challenge ourselves to create a system that is well and truly beyond this medieval idea of barter/trade/commerce... whatever you want to call it.

There really should be no comparisons between anything that has been done before, and what Asgardians are creating. To say Asgardia is a bit 'like socialism but..' or 'like capitalism but..' feels to me like the one dreaming this up has failed to truly break away from the limitations man has created for himself here on Earth.

Throw out the rule book. Think about this one again, from the ground up. NO currency (or bank) whatsoever is required to create a perfect vision of the future. In fact - quite the opposite. Their presence would only hamper success, evolution and prosperity.

Lastly, so long as you have an economic system, you will have crime and corruption. Again, let's learn from our past mistakes - not repeat them.

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Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 13:03 UTC

The biggest problem I see with 'no-cash based society' is, what happens when you leave.  you wish to travel to Canada or Ireland, or some other nation which is a cash based society, and you have nothing to utilize to do so.