Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 01:40 UTC

Re: Could Bitcoin be our official currency?  

We will post everything tomorrow: Source, Whitepapers, and of course Wallet and Mining software :-)

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 17:25 UTC

Hi guys. I'm interested in this attempt of creating an asgardian currency, what's the name of it ?

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 17:45 UTC

"Hi guys. I'm interested in this attempt of creating an asgardian currency, what's the name of it ?"

We liked ASGARDIAN CREDIT, (ASG ticker). But it's an easy thing to change if community demands it. We will post more details later.

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 17:52 UTC

I'm glad to see someone is seriously working on an asgardian cryptocurrency! But... you said nothing about the total amount of coins available, supply growth or about the software.. Is the software ready? Do you have a working wallet for Windows users also? I have some knowdledge in cryptocurrencies, could I help somehow?

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 19:08 UTC

Maybe a stupid idea, but could it be possible to add that crypto to
virtual paper money with for example the logo of Asgardia and the
portrait of Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli till the next head of state?

Grtz, Dirk.

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Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 19:42 UTC

would be nice

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 20:11 UTC

Yes, the coin logo is Asgardia simbol so far, it's an easy thing to modify later on, and yes we can make printable paper wallets with the images community like.

Yes wallet software works very fine, and a windows version is already available. Supply growth has different stages: Max coin supply would be 20 Millions, a part is reserved for citizens, a part for government, a part is "mintable" and a part is pure "interest" generation. Kinda Half P.o.W. , half P.o.S. We will clarify all the details before coin launch. If people like it we can officially announce the launch through the forum and social pages so every asgardian would be ready.

If you're willing to help you're welcome. It would be nice to have a couple of Nodes securing the network at start..


We're clearly going off topic here, this space was meant for discussing about Bitcoin as Asgardian currency. Thanks Martinellijc for your patience :-) Today we will move to a new, specific thread where people could post hints and questions at will. I will post the link here: xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ari 04, 01 / Mar 1, 17 10:50 UTC

Off topic - Please remove

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Can 21, 01 / Jun 10, 17 05:43 UTC

Bitcoin is probably the most productive currency for a system like this. It has already an established value. It is widely used by many countries and nations. Someone mentioned it had been used in sex trades, drugs and pedophelia. What do you think Dollar and ANY other world currency has been used for! Bitcoin is splittably indeffinetly and therefor will be very valuable and I believe a currency that will stay. If Asgardia would create a currency of there own it would be almost impossibly to value it towards existing currencies whereas Bitcoin is already valued towards and traded towards other world currencies such as Dollar yen Euro etc. etc. etc.

Bitcoin is a currency that can be mined, created and an organization such as this could come together and mine a lot. Also establish governmental trading to help bring in Bitcoin currency.

Just my 2 cents.

Can 21, 01 / Jun 10, 17 22:31 UTC

@core yeah but it's value fluctuates wildly I think we should use something similar to Bitcoin like Asgardian credit 

Can 22, 01 / Jun 11, 17 11:06 UTC

I don't like Bitcoin. I think it is a bad idea cause it's often used for criminal activities. We should make our own crypted currency.

Can 23, 01 / Jun 12, 17 00:00 UTC

BitCoin is not sutable as it can not be influenced by the govenment. We can create any electronic currency but it should be posible to manipulate it by government acts. Say issue, emit.