Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 19:45 UTC

Diamonds as currency, because SCIENCE - that's why... (From the Book: "Hey Guys.. I have an Idea" by Fred Kwan)  


I was all excited to post this, until I realized the forums DO NOT ALLOW IMAGES.... (sadface)


Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 22:10 UTC

Hi stryx! If the photo that you are planning to use is in the internet, you simply right click and select copy image, then paste into your post. 

Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 07:40 UTC

I know nothing about diamond , but in my views we would have problems  in practical usage if we should use diamond as currency. Diamonds come from nature with out standardization . The monetary authority would have problem to determine the intrinsic  value of  each piece of diamond in money term. Further the Psychological  and emotional  values are probably attached on those piece of diamonds. and this would  resort to debate and argument  .History showes that  we had money directly linked to Gold ,or Gold Convertible Currency ,Gold Standard system, we had coin made from gold, or what ever the name is. I am not expert. Those systems have already dropped due to some practical reasons

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Sep 6, 17 / Lib 25, 01 10:34 UTC

due the technology of Asgardia,  we should likely use Bitcoins.  

Nov 6, 17 / Sag 02, 01 07:19 UTC

As I understand it Diamonds actually only hold there value because the supply is kept artifically low, only a few diamonds really have great value without this. Strictly speaking if we want a currancy backed by hard assets gold or siliver, or both is really the way to go, but acutally I think for the forseeable future a crypto currancy would be the best way to go.

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