I believe that the ministry of finance along with the parliament should set an exchange rate. The currency in a  fair society should be stable and reliable. We do not aim to address to opportunists, nor do we want anyone to be benefited at the expense of others

.X%  for staff remuneration. The percentage of the budget used for this cause should be low. Applying “Social Contribution Units” (USC or SCU) and its subdivision “Units of Social Participation” (USP or SPU), we’ll be able to increase the dynamics. Part of the remuneration will be attributed using the above units,while further exchange of the remaining “money” remuneration or the general transactions to USC will be possible. The collected units will be included in each Asgardian’s CV contributing positively in the final evaluation of the CV. Moreover, USC’s have several development perspectives in different fields and they will be taken into account for further provision when possible.