If we want to be taken seriously we will simply have to conform with the world economic system which is by far the best so far. I could see the urge to break with this system, living with a basic income may be a good idea for some but it will simply prevent the development of the nation. If we really want to conquer space, to motivate people to follow us, we will have to become a powerful economy, able to compete with the biggest.

For this many solutions exist. - We will have to favor the asgardian product - Being a haven of creation (new tecnhologies ...) - Wish our own money

We will have to show that we exist, the government will have to favor the companies of Asgardia with Advantages for this one and will have to facilitate their creations (avoid doing as in France, real calvary ...). Also we can ask ourselves how to create these companies because without national territory, how should we do ?? There is plenty of outstanding question, this message is not meant to ask or answer it, here I am just looking at has exposed an idea and has succeeded a kind of national identity for our new nation.