Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 15:35 UTC

Re: Service Based Economy  

Thanks, @BohZao, but I'm not yet into this project: you should ask to @Lloyd Cox which is the OP.
Despite the fact I've no financial skills, I'll try to do my best giving advices when possible.

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 17:47 UTC

@Lloyd Cox the propost is the same for you (sorry i have read wrong the topic author XD), if you want go foward with your project i will do the utmost to help you

Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 08:50 UTC

Thanks for the feedback. Let's wait for Lloyd Cox.

Apr 28, 17 / Gem 06, 01 17:10 UTC

Hi Guys,

So sorry for the late reply, I have had a number of personal issues happen over the past few weeks including surging my mother board../face-palm. I am more than happy to form a team on Discord, I will ask for permission first of course, and am happy to work with anyone interested in a SBE.

I am an part qualified Accountant and I am currently launching my own website which actually inspired the SBE and will run a similar model (if it is successful). I have a basic idea but of course the more of us who put our heads together, the better the outcome we will get. It's great to see so many people liking the concept.

As soon as I get the go ahead I will reply again with the update.

Best wishes,


May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 10:09 UTC

thanks for the feedback. looking forward for the update. let us know about your website as well. 

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 10:31 UTC

Hey guys,

So we got the go ahead to form a team, which to come up with a proposal. The decision to implement such a system would be a ministerial one, so a proposal can be thought out and ready for when the time comes.

I can nor be on the team but i can assist with the project and help guide the proposal to submission. This is my first project so it will be a learning curve for all of us. We need to do up a proposal for a future submission round, however it may be worth taking more time and waiting for the next round..

Here is the proposal guide, it's probably a good idea everyone has a read through: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BydyXO59FB2GUVJ3RktpXzgwMm8

We need to gather a couple people in one place where we can co-ordinate more efficiently, i'd suggest everyone joining Discord and I will create a server if we can't use a CA channel.

I will copy the link and post it here for people to join the server if they want to. The team will need to use the proposal guidebook and and if the proposal gets accepted there will need to be a a live demo.

Will give more feedback when i get it, hope you're well guys.

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May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 10:19 UTC

Hi Guys,

I am Temucin Can from  Istanbul / Turkey and have a consultancy firm on new business planning and development also engaged in RFID integration projects. You can reach me at discord (temcan #6641). 

If we intent to put together a project proposal in 2017 , next submission rounds will be 1 July or 1 october. October seems more feasible ( Round D ) But we need to get organized ASAP. Lloyd please advise your views.

Ps. for Lloyd is your discord ID Lloyd #8873 still active ? I ve tried to reach without no success.

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 16:39 UTC

Hi Temucin, 

I've been having a nightmare with tech lately, i tried to add you but got you don't accept requests and I'd need to have you add me. Would you mind trynig me again peas, the name is Lloyd Cox#8873.

I'm not sure what happened before, please accept my apologies.

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 17:19 UTC

I agree with an economy that is not based on money, that does not  allow speculation or hoarding of goods, but that all the goods and the  fruits of everyone's work are shared among all Asgardians.
This means that we will all have something to do for the common good,  each according to its capacity, and we will receive from the state what  we need.
Due  to the characteristics of our nation, which is defined as scientific  and technological, it is assumed that our basic needs are above those  merely essential for subsistence, which means that we no longer speak of  a pyramid of needs, or Reverse the same
It  should also be borne in mind that while Asgardia may function in this  way, in relation to other states (or future planets), it may happen that  this is not its system, so there has to be some way to measure The wealth of Asgardia and "monetize" it to be able to make the necessary trade exchanges.
Needless to say, these exchanges, the fruit of them, the profits ...  must also revert to the whole of the Asgardian people, with a special  emphasis on their control.
Greetings Asgardians.

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 09:05 UTC

Hi Lloyd,

I ve changed my settings, and send you a request. The problem most prop. I ve tried to send you a request on Lloyd #8873. I hope we will overcome the comm. problem. 

But I must admit discord is totally french for me, I will try to get used to it anyway.

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 10:07 UTC

Hi Susana,

I wish to elucidate couple of things as I see. Any economy can not function without its proper tools. Means of transaction is one of them. Money is the most common one in any form,  cash / credit / bit coins etc. if there is economic activities there must be a unit wise tool to measure it. Barter used by more primitive economies in the past.

If, economics is a reality as a social science, human nature is another fact we must take in to account. We simply can not change forces dictating us humans. Pyramid of needs as you mention summons up the very foundations of it ( at least for time being ). Desire to have more or wealth is the major force driven the development of human nature, of course have to ignore the effects of greed in sharing profits. 

Although, we dream to be a space nation, Earth will be the environment where we will flourish our nation therefore we have to abide by the economic and fiscal policies of the rest of the earthlings as well.

Our main constraint is, we don't and not intent to own land on Earth where we can establish means  to generate funds to finance our nation. As refered as land based economies where we can have raw materials, factories, etc. The only resource we will have is workforce. Not only scientist or technology developer engineers but people from every walk of like. Doctors, teachers, nurses, economists, admin. people, accountants, lawyers, marketers, etc. 

As of 100 th day of our announcement as a nation certain fiscal remedies as I understand has undertaken by the founders, we can accept donations through NGO Asgardia, and issue shares under the Asgardia financial institutions but these are all tools such as a father making all the money for the well being of the family and rest of the members looking for him. Unfortunately, even in the most just democracy, your freedom is very much limited to your economic freedom. Unless you have your own means of income, you are dictated by who pays for the bills.  

We have to establish our economy in line with current trends, again at least during the span of our lifetime. Service Based Economies is a tool used by many nations at the moment where the land based resources are limited, you only need skilled, educated people and communication capabilities. There are even more potential out there to explore. In our vision Asgardians can contribute the finance of the government as well as maintaining their own life style. The market will be the whole world and can be easily integrated with the existent taxation, etc systems of the each Asgardians domicile country. 

May 5, 17 / Gem 13, 01 08:49 UTC

  1. BohZao ( 23 dec )
  2. Dirk Baeyens ( 24 Dec )
  3. Aldoae17 ( 27 Dec )
  4. Summa ( 15 Jan )
  5. Petrus Europeus ( 20 Jan )
  6. fadea ( 22 Jan )
  7. dashrem ( 6 Feb )

Hi Guys,

You have submitted your wish to participate in service based economy study group at indicated dates. Update is this Lloyd Cox and set up a shop for the study. At the moment Lloyd is waiting permission to create a room on CA server. meantime we are communicating through his and my discord accounts ( Lloyd Cox #8873, temcan #6641).

We have evaluated the Civic Asgardia proposal submission format, he will forward a spreadsheet to the group members. I ve put together an preliminary Action plan and working on the time table. Early participation will help us achieve the goal. So that I can share the action plan and we expand and improve it.

If you are concrete on your commitment please reach either me or Lloyd at our Discord accounts ( for the ones who are not familiar with Discord as myself, it is rather easy to set up and use. )

  1. Kivok
  2. Quantaman
  3. Nahtahni
  4. Markjcooke
  5. Elwe Thor
  6. Mech 1031
  7. Phicksur
  8. Susana Buono, you have already remarked on the topic one way another, your contribution and views are valuable for our common goal, please do join the team, if you can. 

It is not easy to work in a multinational environment via channels of communication comparing to face to face but this the case we have. Time zones will be a major constraint, there will be a lot of delegation and free study and submit sessions involved. Once we get organized, by experience I know that its not as difficult as it sounds. 

Our initial plan is to be ready to submit on 1 october  ( Round D )

Looking forward to work with you guys and achieve something worthy.  

May 5, 17 / Gem 13, 01 17:00 UTC

Hello...ready to Start, please let me know the way,Thank you

May 6, 17 / Gem 14, 01 07:40 UTC

Hi Summa,

Lloyd Cox will create the server by sunday ( May 7 ) meantime you can join us at discord  ( temcan #6641 ), so we can concentrate on putting the team together. Once we establish the foundations Lloyd Cox will make the official announcement. Thank you for participating.