Nov 29, 17 / Sag 25, 01 10:09 UTC

Re: Solar (SOL/XSO) (Asgardian Cryptocurrency)  


It seems that it is very quiet on this front.

I would however, recommend to base the coin of off the Verium/Vericoin network.
You may ask, why on earth would you do that? well.... Vericoin is the currency and Verium is the "reserve"

Also, this coin is only minable by CPU and not GPU, which makes it more stable and everyone can participate with their laptops/pc's, without having to have phat GPU videocards.

Naming it SOLAR as a currency and something else for the reserve, in which only the reserve is mineable and the currency can be staked.

To obtain SOLAR, you's either have to convert your reserve, which you mined, into SOLAR or buy SOLAR with Tether(money) or other crypto's

This can work, but we need active coin designers that know what they are doing....right now, nothing is happening, lol

Dec 12, 17 / Cap 10, 01 05:17 UTC

me interesaría apoyar, podríamos generar la moneda con paneles solares, contribuir para armar un generador de energia solar que se este almacenando y que sirva como fuente de alimentación a futuro para una posible estación espacial asgardianas

Aug 3, 18 / Vir 19, 02 21:24 UTC

Don't know how far along this project is but here is some thoughts.

I think to create a stable base for the currency, you(the developers) should base it on 3 pillars.

1 The value of gold.(gives it a connection to the "old" world economy and gold will probably be somewhat stable a long time yet)

2 The value of Bitcoin.(if you believe that Bitcoin will continue to be something like digital gold)

3 Mechanic of your own choosing/design.(to give room for some monetary control?)

With this foundation it would be less prone to manipulation and speculation (unlike many currencies today). This will help build trust which is key

Distribution should start with Citizens (a one-time give away or maybe even some sort of basic income(very very basic)

Also a scalable and very secure tech. You don't want to hit a wall in number of transactions. And all currencies need security to maintain trust.

I think it would be the wrong way to go if you base it solely on existing chain like etherum, Stellar or ripple. But those three should surely be inspiration (also the maybe the project could be interesting to look at later this year if it holds up)

 I think with the above in consideration a Asgardia currency would help a lot in bringing an Asgardia economy to life. It could bring serious business opportunities for citizens that could help further fund the progress of Asgardia.

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Aug 10, 18 / Vir 26, 02 12:17 UTC

Personally, I'm not a big fan of gold-backed currencies, for a quick "pros and cons", see the associated wikipedia page:

As for the noted advantages of backing a currency with gold, there are ways to gain the same advantages without some of the disadvantages, especially given that we're talking about a cryptocurrency:

  1. Long-term stability: Most modern blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have a built-in function that determines how fast new currency is produced, for Proof of Work (PoW) based cryptocurrencies, difficulty ( is the most common way to manage inflation/deflation.
  2. Fixed exchange rates: This is a result of backing the currency with a commodity, not especially by backing it with gold, find a commodity that has the desired stability, without the disadvantages of gold, and you'll have a better candidate for commodity backing than gold.
  3. Disallowing financial repression: Again, accepting that we're acting within the confines of a cryptocurrency, this is easily achieved, as you can, mathematically and programmatically, link "interst rates" (which can be embedded in the core logic of the currency, especially in Proof of Stake (PoS) currencies) and inflation (by means of controlling the rate of issuance).

There are some of the listed disadvantages of gold-backing that CAN also apply to cryptocurrencies, as they are usually implemented, but if we base the new currency on a well-functioning chain and allow ourselves the freedom to change that source, there are programmatical solutions to most of these, I have included a single, cherry-picked example below:

Limit on economic growth: Given that we limit the inflation by providing a stable rate of issuance, we also have put a fixed upper limit on the growth of the economic growth (i.e. we can set the rate of issuance (and by extension, the inflation) at, as a completely fabricated example, 10% per year, but then it turns out that our economic growth has a potential of more than 10% per year, and then we're, more or less, in the same predicament as if we'd been using a gold-backed currency). This can, however, be remedied by sacrificing some transparency. The maximum "rate of issuance" of gold is the rate at which the physical gold can be mined, but we can control the rate of issuance of the cryptocurrency programmatically, letting it be dynamic rather than static, that way, if needed, we can exert some control over rate of issuance, at the price of lowered trust in the currency, as it is now controlled by people instead of computer. This could, again, to some extent, be countered by making these adjustments difficult, for instance, requiring a public vote or 80% unanimity in parliament.

Aug 14, 18 / Lib 02, 02 22:50 UTC

I would suggest looking into RChain.  It has the same abilities as ETH but the speed of XRP.  For now there isn't another crypto anywhere near touring that could fulfill all of our citizens current and future needs. 

Jan 11, 19 / Aqu 11, 03 03:01 UTC

dont collaborate with minergate!!! they rip you off by limiting your hash rates

Apr 14, 19 / Tau 20, 03 21:43 UTC

The Solar is up and running :)

Jun 30, 19 / Leo 13, 03 00:41 UTC

link to SOL currency? is this available on the exchanges?