Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 10:49 UTC

Space Mining  

Mining operations in space are a great way to build an economy. This is as well a great way to acquire resources for our civilization.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 17:46 UTC

Yep but we have to create what we need before, don't wait for Nasa or other's space agency for it. We gonna need some billions so that's not for today, but don't worry i'm working on it :)

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Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 23:57 UTC

I say don't worry about the costs of building a mining vessel ! Our solar system is very rich and abundant in natural resources. Especially the dangerous zone of the asteroid belt. Could mine other worlds, we should think ahead. Not worry about it but definitely draw up plans that are obviously plausible. We will gain billions of dollars or pounds. whatever the currency may be. We should base our economy on resources in space and regions around the world that other nations do not have access to and rely on exporting raw materials and products made from the raw materials. We will definitely have a lot of revenue. I have faith and hope in asgardia. We have to start somewhere.

Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 03:32 UTC

With current tech space mining can be a reality as early as tomorrow, I mean huge mining vessels would not be needed initially. We could easily construct smaller vessels and use those until larger ones become more affordable. But of course the entire idea relies upon Asgardia having been built and put in place. But once that is done fleets of smaller vessel can be constructed in the four maybe six maintenance bays and dispatched to asteriods in the belt or in orbit around other worlds in our solar system. They could be automated too which would be more affordable since they would not be huge (not initially anyway). Nasa has already developed tech that allowed a satellite to pilot itself and ion propulsion though it is still quite young. Similar systems could be developed allowing the same things on a larger scale

Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 17:55 UTC

Christopher yep but for the construction you need some millions before :) But don't worry as i told i'm the future Elon Musk

Mar 16, 17 / Ari 19, 01 17:48 UTC

Yeahof course,you could simply borrow the money and pay it back,most likely with interest but we will have a tonne of resources by then and we have the solar system at our fingertips so we would get out of debt almost immediately

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 04:22 UTC


You could develop on Earth a suite of produciton equipements that that combined can pretty much replicate all of itself. Then you make it upgrade itself, increase precision and capacities. At about this stage it can open itself up for rental of it's production capacity to individuals and or firms to make it pay for it's own operations. And maybe provide a little return for the operator. Such can eventually account for a production run of it's own parts to form a kit that's sent with assembly instructions to a "lesser fortunate" Asgardian.

If they was to follow suit then two machines will become four. Eight. Sixteen. Thirty two - etc.

These can be networked, to allow for distributed production runs to complete orders faster and to allow the closest unit to the end customer to be used. As the network reaches sufficient capacity of the "right" level of production quality a distributed run can be pushed across and the system to place into orbit can be produced overnight, and shipped to lauch point for assembly. It's possible the operation of these machines could even pay for the launch, too. Worst case, is it can additionally develop launch hardware and we just provide fuel.

That can then become fed with LEO debris to build a clone of itself and some other equipement more suitable for mining, ready for launching out to the belt where the real mining can begin... the entire operation could be made to find itself if we can secure payment for safely de-orbiting various peieces of debris various companies have irresponsibly left in orbit. Some of these are in very problematic locations and their removal would be sought.