Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 13:10 UTC

Re: Taxes  

@Srinjoy Ghose they are already offering services, this website is a service, and therefore they can start taxation for it. If it is not well defined in the constitution, they can tax anything they want.

We need an amendment to the constitution to remove the taxes until they are well defined and approved by the community.

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 20:12 UTC

@petrv Great idea! I`ve just requested to have it done. Thank you for the suggestion!

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 20:32 UTC

"Given the laws as present, the only real 'enforcement' power that Asgardia has is the removal of citizenship."

Can't strip someone of citizenship. It's against international law to leave a person Stateless.

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 20:53 UTC

@Rebel Alliance
But Asgardia is not recognized by UN, so they have not to respect "international laws"... forever, I bet.

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 13:19 UTC


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Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 18:58 UTC

Before decide to pay for taxation and explain about what is taxation system . I think about we are one person two country (current country & asgardia )so should be can tell us about  firstly , what is scope of taxation ? such as tax that occur on boundary of asgardia only . or what is kind of tax and how ? and after when we accept in constitution ready  secondly,.how to have countermeasure about the grace period  of taxation when all citizen still have not income in asgardia nation ?

if we can understand as follow this from constitution , possibility many people will accept in detail

Jul 11, 17 / Leo 24, 01 15:55 UTC

@Rebekah Berg
@petrv Great idea! I`ve just requested to have it done. Thank you for the suggestion!

19 june - 11 july... it seems it's taking A LOT of time, to have some simple Q&A transcript. No need to clarify on a nuisance-level argument like taxes?
(btw: pardon me if I laughed, reading that "great idea!" X-D)

Jul 27, 17 / Vir 12, 01 16:17 UTC

Taxes is needed ,just single tax rate.

Sep 4, 17 / Lib 23, 01 15:10 UTC

Taxation would be ONE  of the sources of Government's income to run the  Nation. We do hope the ATSN  would be able to run   Government- owned  commercial entities and  the Asgardian   private -owned  companies in concerted effort to  gain profit  to make up for the tax exemption 

Sep 4, 17 / Lib 23, 01 20:38 UTC

Tax revenue should be raised from:

1: Govt. as a shareholder of Corporations registered in Asgaardia

2: Possible small sales tax (for citizen upkeep of infrastructure) 

-The Govt. of Agaardia could  raise funds as Shareholder to Corporations since a Corporation's primary obligation is towards Shareholders. 

-Such a system would create an official forum of communication between the Government and the Corporations, circumventing the system of 'Lobbying' found in the U.S. while allowing for the responsible planning of Infrastructure. 

-Corporations to pay the costs they impose upon society through such a system. Infrastructure is 'taxed' by  Corporations require employees to use public infrastructure on a regular basis. 

-Citizens also have a responsibility to pay for the basic upkeep of infrastructure and should pay a small Sales Tax. 

-Large infrastructure projects could be planned by Conglomerates (Ad-Hoc Infrastructure-related Partnerships consisting of Board Members of Corporations, which would naturally include Government Officials.) Additionally, Bonds could be raised in which Citizens could directly contribute, making the process Democratic. 

Sep 4, 17 / Lib 23, 01 20:42 UTC

Tax revenue should be raised from:

1: Govt. as a shareholder of Corporations 

2: Citizen upkeep of Infrastructure through Sales Tax

-Corporations impose significant costs upon Society by extensively using Public Infrastructure. 

-The Govt. of Agaardia could raise funds by being a Shareholder to Corporations, since a Corporation's primary duty is towards its Shareholders and a Return on Investment. 

- Government could capitalize Corporations by being an 'Early Investor', or providing services in exchange for Share (including but not limited to consultation.) 

-Such a system would create an official forum between the Government and the Corporations, circumventing the informal system of 'Lobbying' found in certain countries.  

-This would allow for the responsible planning of infrastructure by bringing together relevant parties (Govt. and Corporations.) 

-Citizens also have a responsibility to pay for the basic upkeep of infrastructure, and could therefore be expected to a small Sales Tax. 

-Additionally, Bonds could be raised, a mechanism through which Citizens could democratically contribute to Projects with which they agree, while being able to expect a Return on Investment. 

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Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 07:12 UTC

1.Tax  is one of the sources  of  income  for   the Government  to run the country.  Taxophobic  should be overcome.

That’s why  we desperately need to create  all  business activities   as a foundation , while others perhaps  do some research to innovate new products , All the  companies' profits would be taxable  and Government would charge tax  fairly and  wisely to make up for the personal  tax exemption if Asgardian  Government   adopt  that policy

2.For a new Nation like Asgardia  the source of fund  would be Donations from  Citizens  and  Earthlings who hold sympathy to the new-born Nation.

3.Overwhelming  majority  ofcitizen arenot  ready to pay tax all ,and still live in poverty, the could only donate a very minimal amount of money , 1 US$ ,or  0.5 US$ or less. But that donation should be appreciated as token of enthusiasm .

4.Asgardia The Space Nation has no  land territory and  earthly  Natural Resources, the only asset it has only Splendid Idea, Concept ,Enthusiasm  , International Best Brain,  Credibility etc. We would create income with those qualities over time.

5.The Citizen’s income and the Government’s income would grow in the course of time , but we need to think much  and work hard. The New nation citizen shouldn’t think of leisure, work with less our and the likes. We  couldn’t afford that luxury at present. We all need to turn all the  eyes to some hard working CULTURES  on every corner of the world, and consider their wisdom.   Concerted Effort comes first.

I am not Japanese , but I admire their wisdom , they  say of themselves   , Nihon  Jin Wa ,Ari no yooni  hatarakimasu,   means  JAPANESE  WORK  LIKE  ANTS.

6. We  would have a very effective Social Control  after all. Don’t worry.

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Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 18:59 UTC

 Ogee Prayogee,

What if Asgaardia were to capitalize itself itself through:

-Shareholder status of most corporations (Capitalized initially through services rendered, such as incorporation and consultation, or through outright purchase of share),

-Sales tax (So that citizens can contribute to the infrastructure which make the delivery of such goods possible),

-Infrastructure Bonds which Corporations and Private Citizens may buy, so that they may further certain projects while expecting a Return on Investment?

Sep 23, 17 / Sco 14, 01 07:35 UTC

Hi fellows !

The answer is here, in "Finance" !

"However, individual taxes are going to be voluntary -- people can decide what amount of tax they would like to pay."

Sep 28, 17 / Sco 19, 01 00:28 UTC

I really do not like the idea of involving 'corporations' in anything.  Firstly for profit businesses operate extremely differently than goverments and non-profits.  It becons, to me, of people telling me trump would be a good president cause he's run a business.  The main issue is a corporation, or for-profit business, is in the business to make money.  they may be answerable to their shareholders, but their purpose is to make a profit.  Whereas a government or non-profit is in the business to promote social welfare.  They're not allowed to make a profit, any money they make should go right back into programs to care for its people.  

I also do not think its too early to talk about taxes.  It is, of course, too early to expect them.  If we are to build a financial stable economic system, we need to know how people are going to be cared for and to what extent.

PS: I would like to add that the places I have seen that are most propserous are filled with small businesses.  British Columbia for instance boasts a 98% small business percentage versus corporations.

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