Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 04:56 UTC

Asgardian education about Sexuality and Gender  

Our youth born and should know about respect womens, respect the comunity LGBTPQIAA+, and to know themselves, sex is an important matter and we have to tell them to what it is, to prevent from adults that can abuse of they.

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Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 05:19 UTC

Sexuality and gender is aimportant matter but not for children .it may be important to a newly married couple not for all comunities .it may be a matter to senior citizens but it is a very essencial responsibility to respect women in society. Social science and english is very important subject to a child or to adult and youth education. Thanks

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 07:32 UTC

In Germany we start sexual education in the fourth grade (pupils are around 10 years old). These lessons are more like a start into the topic, so the pupils get taught how babys are born by using comics and it's all in a playful and childfriendly way structured. I think the education about LGBTQ+ starts some years later in upper classes (could be around the age of 13 or so). In my opinion, this is quite a good model to get children used to the topic. Unfortunately, not every teacher gives lessons about sexuality when they are supposed to do that, so I think a special training for teachers should definitely be offered.

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 19:46 UTC

I agree about sex ed starting around age 10-13, but whats with this respecting women and the LGBTPQIAA+?...

I believe it should be up to the parents on who and how a child should respect someone, and women and LGBTPQIAA+ should not have respect for for being themselves.

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 02:07 UTC

I totally disagree with any kind of education that include gender ideology in any way. Sexual education is the right and private field of the parents. No state should implement sexual education that can go against parents.

By the way, gender ideology is a worldwide movement who try to make us believe, beside all biological evidences, that what they call "GENDER" is the "sex socially constructed". It means, if we follow this dangerous ideology, that they will try to teach our children that being male or female is not a biological thing, that your children may choose if they want to be male or female...

Please awake! Don't let a fashion movement dictate things that are completely anti-scientific. Being male or female is something written in our DNA. There is no "gay Gene" or something like this. It's a myth. If someone try to proof the contrary I challenge him/her to give any scientific evidence of this.

Ask an archeologist who find a very old skeleton: When you take and analyze a DNA sample, it shows if you're male or female (except in the less than one for a million case of the hermaphrodite genetic disease). There is no other "gender", Human beings have 2 biological sexes: male and female. From the conception, the fetus is male or female, and produce a fetal hormone that influence the development process of the brain, whatever he is male or female. So yes, we're different and complementary at BIOLOGICAL LEVEL.

Don't try to sell something else to children please... All the existent sexual options in return are product of psycho-cultural factors during the child education. Don't try to make us believe, or worst teach children, the contrary...

It's not moral or religion, it's SCIENCE

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 05:01 UTC

I would support for teenagers not kids. And this should be not a compulsory subject because the content are very little. I say that we put sex and gender education below Social Study or Civics and Nationality when the kids are in between 13-15 years old. Respect for women should be put on Manners subject when the kids are 7-9 years old.

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 10:26 UTC

I agree with sexual health education starting at an early age. It would start basic and simple and as the child develops it would go into greater detail and more relevant subject matters this would include sexuality and Gender.

SirCedric: While I agree with you that scientifically there are only two biological genders, that does not address sexual preference, gender identity, or generally everything beyond the strict biology. I don't want to get into a long explanation, sighting examples, as to the reason those of the LGBTPQIAA+ community should be recognized. While official policy of Asgardia has not been set yet, I will be very disappointed if it does not take an open policy to them.

I recognize that the founder is Russian, but I hope Asgardia does not follow Russian state policy on this subject.

Generally, it falls under respect for all life. I don't have to agree with you or the way you wish to live your life to respect you and your choices. Education is not forcing somebody to be anything other than they are, if it is then it is not education. If somebody tries to impose their world view and way of being on somebody else they are not respecting that other person.

While I am expressing my opinion on this forum, I do not expect you, SirCedric to agree with me. You are entitled to your opinion. I would just ask that you be open minded and allow for others opinion.

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 11:05 UTC

In my opinion, I think that sex and relationship education should start as early as possible. This is because it would appear that countries which start earlier have lower teenage pregnancy rates compared to ones that start later.

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 20:03 UTC

I agree with SJO-C. I'm from Finland and I'd say Fennoscandinavian way of educating youths from as soon as possible about human genitals, reproduction and what family and sexuality means is one of main reasons to these general facts: - It's not usual to start sexually active life before age 14-15; - Youth have fewer STD's than youths in, for example, developing countries; - Teenage pregnancies are quite a rare and not usually proceeded with; - Girls have higher education in far more cases than in developing countries. Etc.

There are some sidelines with this, we don't have high newborn rates per person.

At least there should be information available if teenagers and children have an urge to seek it.