Jun 13, 17 / Can 24, 01 03:27 UTC

Education needs to include Field Theory.  

Respectfully, I need to voice the fact that Field Theory, in respect to all that there is in the universe, is all inclusive and rebukes the idea of unicorn particles that are constantly bumping into each-other.

Nikola Tesla himself said that Relativity and creating particles to explain the Ether is absurd and the works of a madman. For us to progress in education and reform the education system to fully tap the inherent curiosity kids have, we have to ourselves understand what a field is, and accept that fields do not lie under the jurisdiction of physics. This country, made by those of you futurists reading this, need to make it known that Field Theory is a vital part of advancing in real science, and not this cult of quantum mechanics, leading conventional physics today.

I suggest a dedicated educational field for Ether studies, and dedicate the modalities known as gravity, magnetism, light, and electricity under its wing. Not only will we make exponential strides in the advancement of technology, but this would be easiest to do when the contributers to this society are wise and willing from its earliest days. The future of this society lies in properly educating the kids born here. Physics, is only one side of the coin we know as reality. For the future to have a holistic understanding, we need to know not just how - but what - to teach.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:05 UTC

As a asgardian i am creating a software for all asgardians and people of  earth to bring free education and qualifications to all to can see more  about this on my blog page here at asgardia.space