Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 19:18 UTC

Ethics on what it is learned  

I've seen so many ideologies slowly growing on educational curriculums that I want to be sure that in Asgardia we're going into the right direction.

I speak here about children's education, not adult.

I'm in favor of excluding from official teaching any moral, ideological or religious view, letting that to families to freely choose this part.

Only teaching positive sciences could be a good start. We can add history for example, even if here we'll begin to have different theories on some subjects


Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 11:21 UTC

Education is about creating the future citizens that you want. Not teaching those subjects leaves things open to having a society that will tear its self apart.

Also, it is impossible to keep those world views out of the classroom as the students bring it in. Having no official teaching on these subjects might allow students to repress other students in some manner that would affect there education. For example if a male student is taught at home that women have no value and should not be educated, that would greatly affect his ability work in a mixed gender classroom.

The ideology and moral value of tolerance/acceptance must be taught, otherwise the classroom will be unteachable. And beyond that society will be unmanageable.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:35 UTC

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Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 01:56 UTC

Wait...aren't morals related to right and wrong? You'd say that is one of the basics we should focus strongly on with kids.. ^^

Though I agree that parents should be for a big part responsible for teaching children those lessons (and religion unless taught broadly and objectively should not have space in the classroom) as a teacher I think school can/should/must play an enormous role in this regard as well...

More than ever you see parents (for a variety of reasons) not being able to teach children even the basics of decent behavior. I understand this is hard if both parents work full-time but in those cases it is schools that play a fundamental part in teaching this lessons.

(Though with the millennial special snowflake education many kids get even schools can only do so much ><)

Aug 13, 18 / Lib 01, 02 22:47 UTC

Moral values in a nation like Asgardia should be an integral part of what children learn at school, if you consider things like tolerance and teamwork to come from moral values I can not see a space nation going anywhere without it. Imagine a society where every member needs to be working together all others or else all hell can break loose without having an integrated set of moral values? The gender issue raised by MMyhal just being one of the issues, imagine someone for whatever reason refusing orders because it comes from a woman, someone of a different religion, or different color, in a place where an entire population can be at risk because, let's face it, space isn't the most friendly environment. That just can't happen.

Religion if taught should focus on the fact that there is an enormous diversity in believes and as such is a personal choice that should never interfere with the moral values taught. 

Asgardia will need to be a place where, no matter your religious or cultural background, you can always count on your fellow Asgardians. Where will children learn that if not at school?