Jul 8, 18 / Leo 21, 02 14:07 UTC

First Asgardian Educators Conference  

📚 [Civilian initiative] 📚

Hello dear fellows, we are looking for educators and professionals who are related to the education system to participate in the conference we are planning (For late August).

The aim of this meeting will be to :
- Discuss the possibilities and needs of Asgardia in educational resources.
- Discuss the strategic educational choices for Asgardia.
- Summarize all the suggestions in a report that will be presented to the competent authorities in Asgardia.

Educators who want to make a presentation of their strategy or proposal are asked to send a brief description by e-mail to : kulay@mail.ru (please add "Conference" as Object of the e-mail). 

Participation in this conference is FREE but registration is needed. 

All interested Asgardians will be invited later to join.

*Tag someone you think he might be interested :)

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Jul 9, 18 / Leo 22, 02 11:14 UTC

I am interested!

Jul 17, 18 / Vir 02, 02 02:40 UTC

Hello Kulai,

Thank you for your kind offer to participate in the conference. I would love to participate in the conference but, unfortunately, I have too many obligations at this time. I would like to attend the conference so please invite me to attend.



Jul 18, 18 / Vir 03, 02 09:42 UTC

Thank you for inviting such a knowledgeable seminar. You also check [external Link Removed] In my opinion, this kind of educational seminar giving knowledge of both teachers and students in seminars speakers are providing high-quality technological tools and ideas in the educational field. In many colleges and universities, a lot of workshop and seminars are being conducted to improve and develop the students learning skills.  As they listen to other people’s ideas, they may find inspiration that can help them in the workplace,  new ideas for projects that they never considered before will give them encouragement that they can also do like this way. I hope many students and teachers will and join you at this conference.

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Jul 18, 18 / Vir 03, 02 14:01 UTC

Thank you ... I will support to your conference.. good job 

Jul 18, 18 / Vir 03, 02 14:12 UTC

Dear fellows, thank you for your interest. This will be an online conference

If you want to participate please send us an e-mail to : kulay@mail.ru and follow the instructions we will send you back. 

Jul 24, 18 / Vir 09, 02 13:09 UTC

Thank you for the invitation. Today I sent my proposal. I remain at your disposal. Best regards.

Aug 27, 18 / Lib 15, 02 12:41 UTC

I am really happy to see that more and more people are coming forward to support this conference. I'll ask my boss from [external link removed] to support this conference and you people.

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