Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 22:54 UTC

Here is some actual (usable!) education for all of you.  

"Asgardia" can never be a "sovereign" or a "nation" in space. Never! This fact is laid out explicitly in international Treaty:

The United Nations Outer Space Treaty says, "Outer    space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not  subject    to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of  use  or   occupation, or by any other means" - this fact is also not up for debate:

United States State Department:

United Nations - Office for Outer Space Affairs:

Treaty Status Webpage:

But then your "Constitution" ignores that entirely...

Your "Constitution", says, "Chapter 1.; DECLARATION    OF UNITY OF ASGARDIA; We, the free people of the first in the history    of humanity Space Kingdom ASGARDIA, based on the birthright of a  Human   in the universe, adopt this DECLARATION; 1. Asgardia is a free and unified Space Nation." - this fact is not up for debate:

Constitution of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia:

Your "Constitution" is in violation of international Treaty! "Asgardia" (as declared) does not, nor can it, exist under the law.

Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 21:45 UTC

You assume I didn't read the entire treaty? You. Are. Hilarious. :-)

I think you're just stalking me now... Aren't you?

Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 22:46 UTC

"STALKING,   No, I am hunting you down sir, hunting you down!  :-)"

I would appreciate it if you would not, please. I'm pretty sure there are actual statutes regarding that sort of behavior.

Dec 5, 17 / Cap 03, 01 12:16 UTC

All laws and treaties are just words. It is defense and actions upon those words which give them power. How can the UN, the united nations, control land that is not a nation? What if alien life was discovered tomorrow, would we look at the alien culture and say "Sorry you can't own your planet, you're existence breaks international treaties"? That's insane. 

Saying we can't own the moon because of some arbitrary reason is the same line the Native Americans said to the British colonialists. We know how that ended up in a much more horrific way. OF COURSE the UN would say "no one is allowed to own the moon" or whatever else. No country would benefit. If someone really, truly had a perfect space country that functioned well and had a better government that anyone could join then the powers that be would lose their population, and thus tax revenues. A new country is a new player in the chess match of national power and leaders only have power when there are followers.

Again doubling down on my line that laws and treaties are just words, words can be changed. Laws can be changed. Things change. Do you know how they change? By speaking up and not looking for permission but saying, "hey I am going to do this." If you say "I am doing this and I am doing this now" enough times to enough people, eventually it happens for real no matter how much push back you have. For example I have been trying to start a business for years but I had to get over the hurdle of just proclaiming "I own my own business". It was hard for me. One day I said "I have a business, this is what I do." You know what happened? No one ever questioned me. No one ever said "what business school did you graduate from?" no one ever said "what are your qualifications?" no one ever said "you're not allowed to do that." Instead I did it. I walked my talk. I went and found a virtual office in a really fantastic high rise building in downtown Chicago, it is only 180 a month, they answer my calls in my business' name, and I have an executive assistant who manages my questions, concerns, and takes care of me if I need to rent an office for a day or board room. No one ever questioned me. I just proclaimed it. Eventually someone with more authority WILL question me with those questions, but I guarantee the only person who will is going to be someone who feels they could LOSE because of those qualifications. The only people who care are those in position to lose. The only reason there's an international treaty on ownership in space is because every nation on Earth is in a position to lose. Or a few powerful countries are in a position to lose.

Want to start a nation? Don't look for permission because it will never be granted. You gotta walk that talk.

Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 14:54 UTC

Oh, those rules are gonna change! All the big nations are already getting ready to claim some territory in outer space. They haven't done it yet because at the moment it would be way to expensive to maintain and very difficult to defend. Once it becomes profitable enough they'll all declare that space belongs to them. 

Jul 11, 18 / Leo 24, 02 13:19 UTC

If one of the objectives of Asgardia is to protect the world from space based threats (meteors, asteroids, and such) and another goal is providing earth with much needed resources through spacemining, then in theory we are not talking about "appropriation" because we are not talking of "ones exclusive use" because we would work in the benefit of all, thus we would almost be in the same category as science which, in the treaty, is excepted from the treaty.

In theory there are a lot of grey areas you can work in. Not taking into account that any structures build in space are not celestial bodies. So if countries can claim sovereignty over space stations, as is already being done, there is no reason why Asgardia can't be a sovereign space nation.

Aug 10, 18 / Vir 26, 02 13:50 UTC

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