Jun 7, 18 / Can 18, 02 14:43 UTC

The Holistic Education Approach  

As a possible Education Minister, (per my platform) I wanted to introduce The Holistic Education Approach as our education system for Asgardia.  To help Asgardians better understand this approach I wanted to do a series of videos that will help us get a better understanding.  Plus show how it’s already being used around the world.  Holistic Education is derived from three main education practices from the past, they are Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia, explained here


For this series we will focus on Montessori Education, here are two brief videos that explain how it works and how it is used




Please review the videos, discuss, and leave any questions or comments you may have concerning this topic

Thank you

John Fine

MP district 13

Jun 9, 18 / Can 20, 02 03:27 UTC

While I feel that a Holistic style system would be beneficial in the long run, I think it should be incorporated with a more structured form of education as well. 

To start with, I am not a fan of the current education system within the United States, and I feel it could definitely be improved. However, a full Holistic approach I feel would lose out in the long run education standards. 

A better option would be, in my opinion, to take a more structured system of education, for example Japan, and modify to represent the more Holistic nature of the schools in the videos above. 

Without copying the overwhelming stress and importance of grades obtained at school, but still maintaining the teaching aspects and emphasis on learning, I think that the students would flourish a lot more when both are combined.

P.S. I also am a big supporter keeping music classes and shop classes in the programs as well, as they will be extremely useful for later in life.