Dec 18, 17 / Cap 16, 01 08:34 UTC

The Open World - a new idea of education system  

Dear All,

I've been thinking a lot about education this year and I've came up with an idea. It's an open world education system, based on INSPIRATION and on children and parents deciding on teachers instead of schools.

Let me present you the idea of the education system future: (It's not always working from mobiles, it works from computers though.)

It's a valid website that let's you collaborate on the huge whiteboard <- you can check it here.

I would also like to gather a team of people from different places to work more on this, and to develop it to the final version that so we could collaborate with Ministry of Education in Asgardia.

Dec 27, 17 / Cap 25, 01 06:43 UTC

I don't believe in the current educational system to be applied in Asgardia, i think this is a unique oportunity to apply scientific methods that are far more effective than the usual. I will take a look on the links, then i give my feeds

Dec 27, 17 / Cap 25, 01 21:14 UTC

I also think that the current education systems needs a reworking. Make sure that there isn't any indoctrination going on as well. whether political   religious or otherwise . Having been educated in California , Iowa and Japan I can tell you all three systems had their advantages , disadvantages and indoctrination angles. 

Mar 1, 18 / Ari 04, 02 12:31 UTC

For your information, I am participating in the elections for Ministry of Education with this innovative system of mine. You can vote for me here: