Will subjects be useful given as sub-forums in education chapter like regions in citizenship?

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50% Sub-forums for subjects in education will be useful to youth asgardians

50% Sub-forums for suects in education will not be useful.j

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 14:43 UTC

There must be sub-forums in education for subjects as ministry of citizenship has it's regions.  

Education is a broad chapter.Sub-forums for educational subjects are essential to discuss. Main subjects are physics,chemistry,maths,computer science history,geography,political science,biology,psychology,militery science,astronomy, oceanography etc.All subjects must be in sub-forum to discuss It will be very useful to youth asgardians,.new ideas will come out from our subject experts.

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 14:55 UTC

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Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 15:08 UTC

Sir,excuse, "Should be" at the place of "must be" thanks

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 15:49 UTC


from my personal perspective this is unnecessary at this instance as we currently do not know how will the educational system work. We do not know which asignatures will be imparted on students and how is this going to be done.

I believe we should start by developing a functional educational system and then we can discuss about specific subjects.


Feb 18, 17 / Pis 21, 01 02:52 UTC

Sir Thanks for accepting to develop education system in asgardia .Please tell me your specific subjects for education forum.thanks.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:15 UTC

As a asgardian i am creating a software for all asgardians and people of   earth to bring free education and qualifications to all to can see  more  about this on my blog page here at asgardia.space