Aug 22, 18 / Lib 10, 02 16:54 UTC

Hey, how do I vote for mayor?  

When I go to what I think is the voting page, it gives me the opportunity to become a candidate for my city but not to cast a vote. Or are you only allowed to vote for your local representative? It's true we don't have a candidate. On the other hand I see that there have been 34 votes cast from my city. Thanks.

Aug 30, 18 / Lib 18, 02 16:04 UTC

Hi Deepa, I thought voting started in September. Wish I could run but I live over 400 miles from the New York City which is the region I've been placed in. I don't think I could actually perform mayoral duties from that distance. Lol. I too am looking forward to voting. If I find out how I'll post here.