Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 14:59 UTC

How do I Find the Elected Mayor for my Area?  

I click on the "Elected Mayors" banner, and it takes me to the election page. Scrolling down to the bottom section to where the elected mayors are supposed to be, when you enter information into the search bar -- it comes up with the city and Country.

Clicking on the city and country only shows me the available candidates (if any) and available voters. It DOES NOT show me the elected mayor as the verbiage on the page indicates that it should.

How do I find the Elected Mayor in my area?

How do I find what "district" I'm in?

Dec 21, 18 / Cap 19, 02 20:52 UTC

So at this time its not a truly representative government due to not having anyone run for Mayor, or not having 100 or more citizens. 

Each region should have an elected Governor and elected members of the legislative body, each elected Mayor should have an elected council. 

We need a way to contact the nearest Mayor for any issues that come about, if we don't have elected officials in our direct area. 

Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 14:08 UTC

Through hunting and pecking through the site, I learned I'm in the English district. Districts are broken down by language, not by region.

Also, I found the nearest Mayor to me and sent a friend request. It has not been accepted and therefor I cannot have contact with my nearest Mayor. This was weeks ago.

I updated my "Getting Started Guide" blog post to a "What a New Person Would Like to Know" post that lists everything I would want to know as a new person. I don't have time to write the guide now.

Which person to go to with all of these questions is one of the things on the list. It would be helpful if Asgardia could include the answers to those questions in the FAQ or on another page for new people. :)

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Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 17:08 UTC

English district used in Parliamentary Elections. You can read more about this in

In Mayoral elections district means city on Earth. FAQ for Elections of Asgardia's Mayors's-Mayors-Frequently-Asked-Questions

May 5, 19 / Gem 13, 03 00:32 UTC

I believe that due to some areas having small cities in clusters, it should be a geographical area for Mayors. I live near Seattle, in my city there is a population over 100k. But only 4 citizens. If you take the entire geo area, we have more then 100 citizens. 

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