Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 19:30 UTC

Re: Asgardian passport (International)  

I was in no way suggesting we "print these at home". Statements like "No sane nation contracts out their passport production, as letting the materials required to produce these outside of your control is the easiest way to see unautherised copies in circulation" should of implied this. Reading can help. As can research.

The prices for this equipment is purely because of restrictions and because idiots pay for them. A wide variety of home equipment is actually capable, if in potentially a low resolution for some machines, and we would simply avoid these or upgrade them as required. I'm clearly not suggesting we just use OTS hardware, in citizens homes. When the machine costs $500,000 but you can build one for less than $1000 - what do you think will really happen? The paper, and some inks, feature restriction on sale, but we can have them made to our specifications or if needs must (this option would be better for at least some features)develop these ourselves. I'm not suggesting these will be free of security features either, being a border agent, you should be familiar with IACO document 9303 I had suggested that be read, along with it's various amendments. We can get the cost of the templates down a lot further than $250,000 by bypassing a lot of wasted attribution of resources, mostly by performing 99.999% of the work ourselves.

There's a lot of work to be done before we are recognised as a nation, let alone other nations accepting our passports as valid travel documents, and without adherence to IACO 9303 this is likely to be difficult to assure.

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 07:04 UTC

When are we gonna voted in UN as a new country? It will be great step for us.

May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 15:30 UTC

What if we create a unique new document that will be used as a passport and identity card that has a unique barcode which is checked by scaning and it is linked to a heavy protected website which has all informations about the owner of the document?

On that site, workers on the border write on the digital document the state which the owner of the document enters. We also could inmplent a option where they write the time period in which the owner should stay. And after the owner of the document leaves the state on the border exit workers do the same thing,scan barcode,open unique protected website and write down the exit date.  The website saves automatically all countrys you visit.

The member sites should only be able to enter via the barcode,same as onion sites in the dark web,hidden on the surface web and only enter able by those who have the onion link..

That is my idea,with that we avoid the passport expenses which are huge and it is just a piece of paper bassiclly.

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Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 07:57 UTC

Well..  this a serious topic and need to be discussed by professionals, but we can go through it as well,

Just look to the new countries established in few years a go, they were like us thinking of how to create a base to stand on it and start thinking how to establish a future of a new nation.

yes it is possible but step by step, 

lets get the required recognitions and with the help of the great businessmen to finance and knowledge of experience politicians and economists who are already among us or least in-touch with some of them who can help i think will be agreat start to go forwrd and declare our nation with its bright forum.

Oct 31, 17 / Oph 24, 01 10:33 UTC

As certificate of Asgardia has been issued to each asgardian . Same way ID  &  passport should be issued by founding father / Asgardia authorities as soon as possible . Legal formalities like earthly nations should not be adopted by space nation . Unnecessary delay will be disappointing process in space nation . Asgardians are waiting for it .

Jan 12, 18 / Aqu 12, 02 01:30 UTC

Why do not launch a campaign in which asgardian citizens volountary pay for their documents (ID cards and passports), using the incomes from this campaign to obtain an official recognition of Asgardia from other states?

For example, we could use the money to finance humanitarian programmes (...vaccination campaigns, food distribution, etc...) into underveloped countries, only asking them in exchange the official recognition of our country.

The ideal of Asgardia would be associated to noble causes, and in the meanwhile asgardian passports could start to achieve effectiveness... at least into those states which would officially recognize Asgardia as state...

Is it a stupid or peregrine idea?

Mar 16, 18 / Ari 19, 02 16:54 UTC

Well, as much as I would like to get citinzenship and passport documents I don't see the reason to actually get it right now.

First, Asgardia needs to be recognized as a nation, then and only then we should start the issue about citinzenship and passport. Otherwise it will just be a piece of paper with no use.

And there are a lot of variables that we must consider before even starting such a process, I believe a background check is a "must" for obvious reasons. Also what will be the use of such documents?

Someone said we should start funding humantarian missions, I disagree, I say we should start funding our own projects because this will be helpful in order to achieve international recognition. I have several projects of my own, you can check them in my blog page.

We also must start collaboration programs with countries, universities and with the private sector. But I believe only after we set up parliament and government we will be able to achieve such goals.

We should not rush our decisions, the best course of action is "do things right the first time".

Jul 18, 18 / Vir 03, 02 16:09 UTC

I was waiting for so long but didn't get yet my asgardian passport. How and when I will get it. Is any body have any answer.

Jul 20, 18 / Vir 05, 02 21:36 UTC

Asgarian! You guys have lot of confussion about Asgardian passport. I am going to clear for you. Asgardian passport call soler passport. Its have LED(liquid Cristal Device) which is need to charge by sun light and when it's full then will be standby 365 days and it's worked on hart bit sensor it's mean when you(soler holder) tuch this soler your hart bit get touch into the soler throw by hand and will activate. It's has 5.5" monitor & thin like paper in the soler. Only computer scanner and soler holder can see all the information in the soler hidden. In case the soler holder died any reason then soler will self distroyed. This soler can not be exchangeble or transferable or convertable. This is massive super power soler can travel any where in world even any planet in our soler system just like Mercury to Neptune without any visa or seal even any stamp request. This soler no need renewal it's can use for life until soler holder death. 

I am represent Ministry of citizen on distric#13 I need 100000 vote from you guys for creating this soler passport and give to all asgardian as soon as possible. So support me I will give you dream and soler in your hand.

Dream getting true is no so far,

We going to living next to star.

Thanks guys hope will get support from you.

Aug 13, 18 / Lib 01, 02 23:42 UTC

I believe  the entire mention of passports was a bit premature for the site itself. I still don't have anything but a random email telling me I am even a CITIZEN of Asgardia, much less have any identification of such.. I have no plastic card, as the site says I would get. Even if I offered to pay for one, I doubt they're making one as of yet. They CAN'T just hand this stuff out.. They actually are going to have to do some serious research to validate the identity of the people, before they go handing strangers legal documents that afford them ANY freedom as a NEW "Nation Citizen" on this planet. It just doesn't work that way.. You sign up, send them $40 and walla, you get a passport. HAHAHA.. NO

First we need a complete functioning, AND RECOGNIZED governing body, and systems set into place that FUNCTION properly.. Getting to the point where we're handing out legal documents for the "Citizen's" is way down the line... And when it happens, trust me, we're going to have to jump through some serious hoops to PROVE our identity to them as well... I got my "email" image, with my name and number, and I doubt I will be getting anything more substantial anytime soon...  

It takes a LOT of effort to validate the authentic identity of people. They aren't going to be handing out passports to anyone, anytime soon. They also need to comply with everything that every other nation has to comply with, when they're produced. Assuming we are going to one day be a "Space Nation" our passports will more than likely be MORE than the typical passport as they would serve to function within the planet rules and regulations for travel, as well as those outside the planet. Our "Passports" will have to serve many purposes. Otherwise we are going to be carrying 100 different forms of identification along with it. Some papers to drive legally while on Earth, and whatever else we may face, once we touch space. Assuming we DO have them, any time in the near future. Not only will we have to face those things, we will more than likely STILL be required to carry LOCAL passports, from whatever Nation you're currently living in. An entire government must be established before you go "willy nilly" creating, and then handing out legal documents. 

And once they DO begin to create "Passports" it is going to cost an arm and a leg, because they're not going to want to create NATIONAL documents, using another nations technology.. Think about that.. While this Asgardia nation is slowly moving forward, people need to be patient. Perhaps they can create asgardia patches and stickers to keep people happy for awhile... But passports aren't coming anytime soon...