Feb 25, 18 / Ari 00, 02 21:46 UTC

Build urgency citizens consultant services global  

We nation so small but we nation is respect nation will we nation need can 24hours protection our citizens at global for diplomacy  this we nation responsible  so we need service e mail diplomatic or hot lines telephone global for diplomacy can assistant our citizens to life build Asgardia nation consultant urgency global centre  this must do it ! So we can best protection our citizens to life at global  thanks merci 

Feb 25, 18 / Ari 00, 02 21:55 UTC

We can share consultant service with Austria. Austria embassy can services our citizens at urgency consultant services at global. This best . So we can protection Austria citizens at global at need helpful urgency. We share consul services urgency with Austria . This safe and effective. So we can best services our citizens at global. Thanks merci 

Mar 28, 18 / Tau 03, 02 23:06 UTC

Maybe your don"t like this nation why join this nation ? Maybe you are citizens of asgardia that you should love it thanks  merci