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Earth Embassy and Off world Contact  

I saw a couple of posts both here and on Facebook regarding contacting Aliens to help Asgardia get off the ground (pardon the pun) and I bagsy the ambassador to Aliens communities role. Should we try at some stage (obviously not this second) to contact Aliens after all Youtube and the Internut (yes you heard me) have proven time and again their out there, regardless of your personal beliefs.

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Should contact with "aliens" be established, should it not be more prominent to utilise an ambassador that has been educated? It would save the collective embaressment of exposing them to the sort of person unable to understand the long term significance of their actions enough that they would actually use facebook, or the sort of person that's likely to believe anything they can find on youtube.

It'd definitely be unwise to select the first person to volunteer.

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Asgardians all over the world, in their home countries, should become involved in different types of community projects in order to develop the foundations of Asgardia as a space nation and its contribution to the well being of human society on earth. Asgardians should be committed to this endeavor as pioneers for the future generations of asgardians on earth and outer space. All projects should be coordinated under the respective Asgardia embassy in the country where the project is located. I believe that at this time it is not appropriate
to involve any alien race in the internal affairs of Asgardia. [CONTENT REMOVED]

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Here is a link to the Seti home page. From there you can help and participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Always a good way to be involved in programs that are already running. https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 09:32 UTC

Just jogging through the posts and found my own one, cool.
Anyone can be an ambassador regardless of education, all you need is patience, understanding and compassion, if as the now banned EyeR said you need to be 'educated' I disagree with that remark. Who is 'educated' enough to be an ambassador to any ET's we may encounter? after all the current governments of this world state Aliens don't exist so what damage can be done? There are probably more contactee's out there suitable to be an ambassador and I think I'd trust them more than any politician (who are trained to lie for a living) or corporate flunky (who are motivated by greed and self congratulation) to conduct contact appropriately. I personally think you need someone who has the whole of Humanities best interests at heart rather than some bureaucrat.