Jan 24, 17 / Aqu 24, 01 15:01 UTC

Proposition for embassies to contain Asgardian-only hostels  

an embassy is designed to be a safe place for foreign nationals to go in the event they're in some sort of trouble. i was thinking, what if our embassies were designed as safe places, where asgardians can stay if needed in the event we make enemies that actively try to destroy us. this would include hostels and kitchens, perhaps a library?

Jan 27, 17 / Aqu 27, 01 11:08 UTC

The greatest defence, currently, against an adversary that would attempt to physically destroy us would be to simply not advertise who we are. We currently blend in nicely, everywhere. It would help this direction if there wasn't copies of this information already held by random third parties.

The designation of Asgardian-only hostels in interim/replacement of actual embassies isn't overly poor - but how would you suggest these properties be acquired, maintained, and when in use - supplied. Ultimately, it's going to be of no real use if it's in the host country that's being problematic and if it's accepting immigrants then it's at the whim of the host country.

Feb 2, 17 / Pis 05, 01 06:49 UTC

i work in hospitality in mexico riviera maya, i would like to create a tourism and ecodeveloping department in cooperation with many minds, feel free to contact me

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 03:09 UTC

Per my understanding of an embassy, the embassy is owned by the country in which it represents and the soil that it is on is would then be considered Asgardian soil and therefore owned by Asgardia. While it is true that there is no guarantee that the embassies would be safe if in a country that is trying to "attack" Asgardia, it would still be a place that our countrymen/women can go for safety and help. That means that Asgardia would have to purchase said land and build an embassy or purchase property that is already erected to serve as an embassy.

As to how it is funded, either the Asgardian government can fund it or members of Asgardia can donate the funds to purchase them and keep them up and running.

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 18:11 UTC

But ultimately, the embassy is located in and with the permission of the host country. If this host country is the one there's problems with, then it's unlikely they'll grant permission for an embassy in the first place, and certainly wouldn't respect and boundaries of.

As to the "how is it funded" I was talking more how is the Asgardian government supposed to come up the funds to make this work. We're in at least thirty countries. To assume a cheap building suitable for purpose would be within the reigon of a million - likely more as typically embassies deploy in the capital and it's unlikely we'd be wanting to be in their slums - then that's thitry million straight away as a up front cost, we'll make it easier and ignore taxes, making the building secure(ie: installing faraday cages, regular sweeping for bugs etc) having things wired up etc and just move straight on to staff - to think at least thirty members of staff per installation in order to provide for services(not including attaché staff) going on a standard 9»5 and being paid minimal wages then you can start adding in seven grand a day on their wages. Then you'll need supplies for these "imports" - if they're being chased out of their homes they're unlikely to be well prepared - just orgnising that will be a headache, let alone paying for it. Now start looking at Asgardia's "income sheet".

So, again, how would you suggest this be funded.

Mar 30, 17 / Tau 05, 01 23:31 UTC

In Canada (and many others), foreign countries can be represented in 3 different ways: #1 a diplomatic mission (embassy), #2 a consular post (consulate), #3 International Organizations and Other Special Representative Offices (office). Since Asgardia is not recognized as an autonomous country yet, the third option seems more viable. However, to create an embassy/consulate/office, we need to be at least recognized by the host country (not necessarily the whole UN), as it agreeing to cede a part of its own territory. To get such political territories, we need to be officially recognized first (at the UN, or under the host country's own recognition criteria).

However, there's nothing preventing us to create Asgardia themed parks, stores and hotels... but, since we're a small nation, we need the official agreements to use the trademarks/intellectual properties (since probably not in the public domain yet) and probably some sort of "reports of good standings and motivation" under some guidelines and restrictions (to not tarnish Asgardia's name, or to not misuse/corrupt its very essence). I don't know if our government is bureaucratically organized enough to manage such lucrative ambitions yet. Since having no territories on Earth, such "embassies/themed parks/stores/hotels" could be enough to get an economy of our own, with our own currencies... ones of the few requirements to be acknowledge as a nation by the UN.

p.s. Celestia, a space nation create in the late 40's (now "extinct") had it's own currency, and its flag once flew at the UN. In one year, Asgardia already count 100X more citizens!

Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 11:01 UTC

If this were to be the case, each would need an armed military group or armed guard team. Can't be an asylum if it isn't safe.

Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 21:52 UTC

I do believe as a safe house remain the best solution for those kinds of securities issues like it's practiced by the majorities of the security departments from diverse countries around the world. when diplomats and ambassador work to have an amenity diplomatic from a friendly nation for the transport who will be used to extract the Asgardian from the hostile environment. The embassy must be used only for transit or even avoid when the subject is in a hostile nation to avoid the escalation of the conflict or tension between Asgardia and the hostile nation at least until Asgardia as it's recognition to acquire territories to establishing recognized embassies.