Dec 19, 17 / Cap 17, 01 18:33 UTC

Emergency Services and Public Health and Safety  

I'm a Fire Fighter/First Resonder level 3 Emergency Medical Assistant. I'm a Instuctor Evaluator for the first responder program. I'm also a safety officer with a fire department in British Columbia, Canada. I would like to be part of the fire fighting team. Who do I contact to apply for this type of position? I would like to be part of the emergency services & public health and safety division. I'm looking to get in touch with some one that is in charge of this from Asgardia could I please get someone to contact me with more information. I have posted here because I'm unsure of who I would contact for this position.

Thanks: Lil Ace1769/ Scott Walker

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Nov 23, 18 / Sag 19, 02 19:24 UTC

i think its taking less then 30 years to develops HSE.Many experts in a particular branch of HSE with high level tech.