Jan 23, 17 19:32 UTC

Euthanasia assisted ?  

Euthanasia assisted, consented, legally validated ?

Jan 23, 17 20:37 UTC

Medicine must be centered on care, and when it's not possible to cure relieving suffering, not death. The real problem is around suffering.

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 23:39 UTC

ABSOLUTELY. Who else but the individual should have authority over their own body. I don't like the thought of people telling others what they can and can not do with their body. If you dont have total authority over your BODY then whats the whole point of freedom and liberty? My 2 cents.

Nov 19, 02 / Nov 23, 18 19:28 UTC

freedom and liberty must be goes to everyone not just for an individuals.