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Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 22:50 UTC

A Call For Engineers of the New Civilization  

Fellow Asgardians,

The following text does not possess intentions to relate to any propaganda, ideology, endorsement or protest. This is merely a call made around the transition into a technological age, to have a possible contribution to the making of the new human civilization. The citizens who has an interest about that topic are kindly requested to read at least five of the following paragraphs.

To shortly introduce myself as the author, I am an engineer from Istanbul, Turkey. Around this date, July 23rd 2018, I work full-time at the Turkey branch of a global company while completing my Master's degree. This is only to inform the reader that the this text is neither a professional nor a frivolous level of action.

Regardless of any reason related to matters such as agriculture, wartime, technology, trade or politics; the civilization is constantly brought to different levels in different timelines. By inventing resources and tools from fire to electric vehicles, human life is shaped and developed with infinitely various demands and solutions. At one timeline, agriculture enabled settlements with more population, at another, achievements in transportation enabled these settlements to grow further. However, this text discusses the constant presence of change in the form of the civilization, rather than how it was or will be at a specific timeline.

A considerably significant element of this change is science and of course engineering. From economic tools and indices to technological goods and instruments, almost everything we use are facilitated by design, development, labour and experience from the past. Depending on demands and administration, engineering solutions are eventually provided and they can be justified by scientific explanations. From nutrition to society, all other significant elements of civilization have been changed through these solutions since the beginning.

Considering the people of the entire world together, there are currently a large amount of problems that demand a solution. These solutions might relate to everything such as infrastructure, healthcare, economy, society and many other aspects of civilization. A significant amount of them require institutional regulations, infrastructural development and even representation. Focusing of representation by giving an example, most of the countries have parliament members to collect information about the problems and propose bills to improve the conditions that cause these. Furthermore, along with mentioning that this is usually a considerably long process, appointment as a parliament member that represents fractions of the people arguably requires as much effort.

This kind of a delay and a probable misrepresentation in the transition between the cause and the improvement, in other words between the problem and the solution, might be yet another problem that needs solutions. The state-of-the-art technology is adequately equipped to establish a platform to us engineers to discover, investigate, discuss, analyze and help fixing any problem that is present or might occur. Asgardia might be an inspiration to such a platform, considering its three top goals: to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.

Under this topic, I would like the readers to discuss about such a platform: what kind of form it should have, how it should gather information about the problems, how the participants should collaborate, whether there will be an administration, what other proffessions should be invited to join it, how the solutions should be provided and funded and even how these should be discussed. Specific examples to possible comments might contribute to have efficient and motivating discussions and applications.

A suggestion to an effective start might be the writer to share a local problem in a neighbourhood, a city, an office or a school. Also, providing references to news, articles, planned or present solutions without giving unnecessary details in the discussion, might encourage the readers to personally investigate the problem and contribute to the discussion of a possible solution.

Only to provide an example to a theoretically possible action of the platform, assume that automobile is already invented but public transportation is not yet invented by the current civilization. Also assume a town that most of its citizens have difficulties affording their expenses with the resources or job opportunities they have. Most citizens might not be able to also afford to possess an automobile or move to another town due to their economic and social conditions. If the mentioned platform would be present during that timeline, before the authorities overcome the issue, it might develop buses or suggest a railroad extension to the relevant authority and provide a well developed solution that would satisfy the citizens who experience difficulty and neighbouring regional economies.

In case this kind of an establishment achieves a satisfactory solution to a specific problem from any place regardless the impact or significance of the problem and thus provides a slightest contribution in human civilization, it might be a claim that this establishment can achieve more.

As an engineer, I believe there are colleagues all around the world who share similar ideas and would like to discuss about the message in the text. From construction to information, from manufacturing to chemistry, all engineers are aware that there is a certain surmountable obstacle in the life around them and fellow engineers will be the ones who solves the problems for the new human civilization. This is my humble step for such an action.

Thank you for reading.

Ahmet Caner Erdoğan

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Jul 24, 18 / Vir 09, 02 05:40 UTC

You have a point, it could be more accurate if I would publish this message under a more general maybe even another medium. My main reason behind posting this to Asgardia is that its members/citizens are gathered for future considerations just as that message. Rather than a broader community, a refined one with a purpose would provide a better initial feedback.

I was doubtful too for opening this thread under engineering and skimmed the forum for a probably more relevant topic, but I eventually decided to open here after searching for such a call under engineering topic. Anyway, I would like to discuss even how and where should this platform be discussed, this is a contribution, thank you :)

Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 10:24 UTC

doConsideró tu idea muy acertada para un comienzo.

1. Soy español aunque tenemos un gobierno sólido lo que tú comentas hace tiempo una cadena de radio propuso algo similar.

Sitio en las montañas y en los problemas que tiene en los barrios de sitio en las montañas y en los problemas que se han visto en los barrios de hecho se han visto problemas para buscar soluciones casi 10 años después del programa sigue en la antena lo más curioso de todo lo que hay soluciones que incluso la misma ciudadanía son la necesidad de usar recursos y verla mental es tu idea la veo muy acertada

No no le doy mayor importancia desde mi punto de vista el que se ha enfocado ingenieros.

1. te entiendo perfectamente pues como ingeniero que eres independientemente de la rama que hayas elegido en ingeniería resalta el que nos dan problemas para que busquemos soluciones de hecho yo creo que es más acertada una solución tecnocratica que política


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doConsidered your very wise idea for a start.

1. I am Spanish although we have a solid government, what you mentioned a long time ago, a radio station proposed something similar.

Site in the mountains and in the problems that it has in the neighborhoods of the mountains and in the problems that have been seen in the neighborhoods in fact there have been problems to look for solutions almost 10 years after the program is still on the air. curious of all there are solutions that even the same citizenship are the need to use resources and see her mentally is your idea I see it very successful

I do not give more importance from my point of view that has focused on engineers.

1. I understand you perfectly because as an engineer you are independent of the branch that you have chosen in engineering highlights the one that gives us problems so that we look for solutions in fact I think it is more successful a technocratic solution than political

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Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 10:28 UTC

Pedir disculpas. el corrector a hecho de las suyas😑😅

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Apologize. the concealer made his own😑😅

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Sep 27, 18 / Sco 18, 02 17:34 UTC

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