should we have seasons? How would they be made?

Total number of votes: 9

44.4% yes

33.3% no

22.2% other (write repost)

May 13, 17 / Gem 21, 01 21:10 UTC


I think that we should have seasons. But how are we going to do it? I mean i dont like winter that much,snow, but things like spring-fall i do like (and maybe others too) should we have seasons? How would they be made?

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 03:14 UTC

@Dirk Baeyens

that is a cool link and a good idea. But would it be possible for us to have seasons inside or on the space station/habitat thing?

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 11:28 UTC

Personally I quite like the idea of having seasons; it'd make the station seem somewhat earth-like. I thought we might be able to adjust the station's average temperature to match the time of year (e.g. up to 30 Celsius during the summer months, and down to something like -9 Celsius during the winter months). I was also thinking we could install a sprinkler system in the ceiling to simulate rain or snow.

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 11:43 UTC

Besides a desire for the familiar, can anyone come up with a scientific reason to simulate seasons in the space station?


May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 21:19 UTC

Personally, I think that the seasons should be addressed according to their current location. In space, there won't be any, but on Earth, the region/area where a specific Asgardian 'Embassy/Consulate' would be located, could be within a type of season: winter, (snow, ice), fall, (leaves changing). Now on another planet, we may see different styles of seasons as well. On Mars, there may be a 'dust-storm' season, or a 'colder' season. I think it will just depend on more on location based.


Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 08:12 UTC

No. Quite simply..  

There is no need for them other than for simple "familiarity", but if you want familiarity why would you be moving onto a station and into the unknown? The only places that would require anything similar to seasons are hydroponics. but that'll not necessarily be 3 months of X season!