Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 02:50 UTC

Solving energy deficits  

How do we do it? I know there is an answer to everything!!!!! Just have to put the pieces together and find it! Today's mystery that has been running through my mind like a tidal wave over and over again is how can we produce endless amounts of energy from the smallest source with no dramatic effect on the environment. What I've been riddling through my head is the unanswered question of the string theory, in conception the idea makes perfect sense as we split the string the... amount of energy released would be of an enormous scale and in essence everything is made of strings all just vibrate at a different frequency to produce everything. For example the strings in a metal chair are the same strings that are in a rubber band but the strings vibrate differently to produce the atoms within the make up of the properties. So the real question is how can we rip the strings apart! If we vibrate them at exactly the opposite resonance than it would negate the strings basically causing them to drown to one and become reflectively motionless. This in turn I believe is the way in which we can stretch and manipulate them. But the actual breaking of the strings are still a mystery I just cannot think if a way in which we can accomplish this and derive energy from the source. Any ideas please post I am lost in my head trying to figure this out, if this can be accomplished it will change mankind's reliance on fossil fuels and supply the world with endless amount of energy; it will shape the future

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 09:08 UTC

Hi Joshua C 

I would like to submit an idea or a vision please check this and tel me what you think about it , please note am just a novice ,thanks in advance for your reply.