Oct 27, 17 / Oph 20, 01 16:32 UTC

Space/Exploration 2  

I posted before, and never got any responses, however I am passionate about the topic I had put forward. I was hoping someone would return a comment on the post, but thats ok as I wanted to send another link to an entire town that is doing something similar. Again, if we are all of the same mind in trying to put forward a plan into space exploration, or even simply becoming a better human race, then why not recruit everyone we can? Here is the link that you can check out if you like. I am from Alberta so this is kinda close to home for me. 


Any help is welcome in achieving our goals..

Oct 28, 17 / Oph 21, 01 03:08 UTC

I came across your post and will be happy to engage you in discussion as I like to maintain an open mind.

New technologies are built up in hierarchical fashion; this means certain foundational technologies must first exist before others can be created on top of those.  The Alcubierre Drive and other warp drive technologies are missing key components, typically negative mass.  We do not know how to create negative mass (let alone understand what mass actually is).  Thus at this point in time it is understandable that many see warp drive as an unreachable and impractical pursuit.

As I mentioned earlier however, I do like to maintain an open mind.  Begin with the problem of negative mass.  This requires solving the problem of manipulating mass to have such properties.  Solving that problem requires understanding what mass is.  Do this on a small, easy demonstrable scale so that others can replicate your findings.  This will put us in much closer reach of a functional Alcubierre Drive.

One thing that comes to mind: negative refractive indices of light and sound waves can be achieved with metamaterials (http://www.iop.org/resources/topic/archive/metamaterials/).  These materials either have negative permittivities, permeabilities, or both.  Just a thought, I have no idea what this might have to do with mass but with metamaterials one can achieve material properties that are not found in nature.