Feb 26, 18 / Ari 01, 02 23:19 UTC

The Ultimate Asgardian Space Guide!?!  

I would like to believe that asgardia is approaching a phase where it should think about its habitation in one place, in this topic, well put 3 things.

  1. Where we are going to live?

Like Mars, Venus, The moon, another celestial body, or orbiting around space, and what the best place would be to do so.

2. What type of habitation?

Weather a floating base, a space station, or bases on land, we need a place to live, where will that be??

3. Who will be the first people to go, and when?

This is important, weather most of asgardia, or just a small group, we need to start somewhere for permanent settlement outside of Earth, and who will be the first people to do this? How soon can this be done?

Please answer the above questions, (not just with a "were working on in")with descriptive answers, and label them as 1. 2. or 3.  accordingly with your answers to the above questions.

Asgardia, moving forward, one step at a time.

Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 03:54 UTC

1. The moon , on the sea of tears Mara . 2. A small initial base that can be expanded thru mining operations . 3. Scientists, miners machinists and people necessary for support of base operations

Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 08:08 UTC

The answer appears to be that the space collony would live in the space vessel of living, that's the ship to be clear.