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Re: Unlimited Energy  

@marlon.dequio-alphaone - can i get your contact info please.!

Dec 31, 16 / Cap 30, 00 17:49 UTC

yes Jason, my apologies, it was a Navajo Greeting... something like "hello (name), good to meet you" his name "Nahtahni" is Navaho for... well... "Navaho". i picked up on that and greated him in his language as a sign of respect.

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EyeR, schematic:

Dec 31, 16 / Cap 30, 00 18:48 UTC

should i elaborate on my findings and assumptions of the experiment mentioned on Dec 25?

i might as well eh? i am en electrician by trade and an electronics hobbyist... so i have "stuff" around my house. i didnt follow the rules of the schematic as per values of circuit components, i just used things that were close enough to try. i soldered the circuit together using AWG #14 solid copper as a "frame" (no circuit board). with this circuit being so simple you can see why i did this.

on the input side... (assumed to be random variable frequencies of infinitely available low voltage "static", presumed to be related to the Schumann resonances.

i soldered 2 alligator clips... one for the aerial, the other for the earth ground.

on the output side... (the rectified DC with conditioning capacitors in the loop)

i soldered 2 more alligator clips... one POS, one NEG.

i simply cast a AWG #4 insulated stranded copper conductor over the roof of my house (yes, i just rolled it out and stretched it over the roof, about 80 feet of wire.) with one stripped end hanging down on one side, clipped that end to my antenna input side. in the area where i live the mains power comes in from underground... so no possibility of induction from the 60hz power grid

on the earth ground side i decided not to use the house grounding system as this could contaminate my experiment with the household "neutral conductor" connected to the main bonding jumper at the electrical service point. so, being that we have a natural gas utility meter that is required by local building code to have a "trace conductor" running along our gas service supply pipe underground that CAN NOT be connected to the household grounding grid (by code)... i decided this would be an excellent alternative for my ground electrode.

so i did that, hooked up my mutimeter to the +/- clips, checked for continuity... nope, perfect... checked for voltage.. YES... it was about 24 vDC and falling... after a few seconds it stabilized to about 11 to 14 vDC... every time i opened the circuit it went up, then back down to 11-14. so what to use that takes a minimum of amp to test it? LEDs. but my voltage is too high for 1 led and i wont be using resistors... 6 each 2 volt LEDs in series is 12 vDC. soldered them up clipped them on and... tiny little flash for about a millisecond. repeat... same thing. so thats just the capacitors discharging, need more amps. built 2 more circuits, stacked them in parallel... YES! bright flash for about 250 milliseconds... then long glow at about half the expected power... repeat... same thing... FLASH...glow............. left it there for about a month and checked it every evening before bed... yep, still glowing...

got bored with it and tired of seeing this ugly wire flung over my roof... took it down and moved on to more exciting experiments.

the end.

Dec 31, 16 / Cap 30, 00 19:01 UTC

EyeR... "I also see mention of things like "patents" -=- They won't stop anyone copying things you realise? it just gives you the perception of being able to take legal action when they do. That only works if they recognise the authority of the court. I copy anything willingly - but as I generally don't do this to make products that end up on sale, no-one ever finds out. "

agreed 100% there are already thousands of patents awarded for these types of things, a patent is a trap for someone else to "take" your work by compensation or coercion and lock it away from you in a legal manner. i dont need or ask permission to create good things, open source is the answer to greed. if build things useful to my self and others. i share my findings with others. i do not try and quantify, define or objectify these things for others, i leave that for others to do... to me it is simply does it, or does it not function or serve a purpose, and can i or can i not build it or improve upon it.?

the Native Americans all have a tradition... you can not own the land, the land owns you and you are its steward.

Dec 31, 16 / Cap 30, 00 22:02 UTC

PROKHOROV, thank you for this: "vacuum deforms itself in moment of collision", i agree and now see this as a reasonable explanation for why we are able to extract longitudinal wave energy from transverse wave energy by using very high frequency DC pulses with sharp mark-time ratios... this is the "point of impact". the "cold" electricity waves are in a way "excited" from the vacuum as they react to the void being created from the extreme transverse wave event.

every device i have examined that boasts "free-energy" is not free at all but drawn from where we have no previous proof (hence, the reason i appreciate your formula)

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By: Nahtahni(Asgardian) on 27 December 2016, 7:34 p.m.

Habermaker, that was genius! Your post on the 25th involving diodes. I have always wondered what would happen if I just kept the current moving in one direction with a capacitor creating draw. Never knew how to think of it properly involving ground states, and never imagined it could handle the excess of a load!

My imagined project involved a transformer to step up the amps, but I never did anything because I figured it to be fruitless?

thank you for the compliment but it was not my discovery, i believe it was Tesla who thought of this.

... the transformer will not step up the amps, according to "modern science" it can only "transform" the voltage by simple turns ratio through induction... but how is this NOT free energy from the environment, if we apply this voltage then draw amperes with a load... in a closed-loop symmetrical "transformer"... we will experience hysteresis loss, eddy currents, resistance, vibration, inductive reactance, magnetic reluctance, skin effect... yes all this things take away from the influx of energy and give a very nice power factor of maybe 90%.. but this is still induced into the environment from the primary, then picked up from the environment by the secondary. that is why the symmetrical transformer has been offered as the industry standard. for the purpose of loss and inefficiency requiring us to dependent upon the energy supplied to us by our utility service "for a fee", that is also "taxed"... etc... but lets not dwell on the negative implications here, i am hopeful that "Asgardia" can be formed as a society that will be immune to these limitations. it is my assumption and my hope that this is the case. i will proceed in that manner, but as soon as i perceive that to not be the case i will simply no longer share these things and proceed in a somewhat more muted manner, as i am sure so many others are now thinking as they read this and quietly observe.

so, back to the above point on the transformer... only a change in the electrical energy will induce into the environment (alternating current or direct current pulsed) so to speak... but if the change is very sharp and fast, and the circuit is asymmetrical, the loop becomes open and the environment will rush in to balance the dipole. the universe will force a balance, all you need to do is force the imbalance and form a method to capture the inevitable reaction.

thats it...

you engineers and mathematicians (all who are many orders more intelligent than i am to be certain) are invited to explain this in your own style, and please do because it helps me to visualize what i am working with and simplify my future designs... but... always remember that before the motorcycle was invented... it was said a person could not ride a bicycle over 15 mph because the air pressure on your face would suffocate you... it is true that the air pressure of 15 mph can do that, we are not breaking the laws of physics here... we are only redirecting the air pressure around your face.

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it looks like i killed the thread, nothing left for anyone to say and all i had to do was describe how i powered 6 LEDs without a conventional power source? so much for unlimited energy in Asgardia i suppose. either that or everybody is out buying the parts to make it. if thats the case feel free to ask me what else i have working at this time.

would you like to play with magnets?

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 00:06 UTC

still... the ultimate form of free unlimited energy (within the scope of reality, because even our sun will burn out) that we could utilize on Earth or in Earth orbit will be electrical energy... that electrical energy is in a massive field around the earth and it protects us from cosmic radiation. it is so similar in effect to the Earth as Asgardia intends to be in purpose that it is actually a bit romantic to be able to utilize it... can anyone say what that is?

it is really quite obvious and a huge topic of concern in many other threads in this forum...


Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 00:06 UTC

still... the ultimate form of free unlimited energy (within the scope of reality, because even our sun will burn out) that we could utilize on Earth or in Earth orbit will be electrical energy... that electrical energy is in a massive field around the earth and it protects us from cosmic radiation. it is so similar in effect to the Earth as Asgardia intends to be in purpose that it is actually a bit romantic to be able to utilize it... can anyone say what that is?

it is really quite obvious and a huge topic of concern in many other threads in this forum...


Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 04:33 UTC

I wouldn't of described it as electrical energy, but would you possibly be referring to the energies trapped in the Van Allen belts?

And until I've built and tested the device you described I'm not willing to comment too much on it, and there's a large list fo things to play with beforehand. I have larger aspirations than powering a few LED's, and question the economic feasibility of scaling this to usable amperage. Experimentations will provide answers.

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 06:23 UTC

yes Van Allen, the LED thing was amusing and to me just a proof of concept. i have moved on to much more effective devices since then. i just dont want to scare folks off with what i have been working with lately, besides... im not posting any instructions on how to build devices from parts you can get from a local hardware store for about $100.00 total that will give you 12kW of power... im an electrician and i know how to handle that, most people would electrocute themselves at best with that at hand.

the best i can give out at this time is that it is an open loop system that creates an imbalance with an aerial, 2 grounds, several telescoping induction coils, a step down transformer, a signal generator, some specific values of fairly large capacitors, schottky diodes (full bridge rectifier), a spark gap for lightning protection... and a grid-tie inverter chain for supplying household power. (ok so a bit more than $100.00, but the main device is about that much when you build it all by hand)

again... if we had a way to PM here i could share this with those who could assure me they know how to not kill themselves (or others) with this.. or i could even give out the "quick and dirty" little device to pull power out of the "void" by just using the grid as an "exciter" (and no it is not simple induction from the grid because you can use a separately derived system to give you the frequencies you need far away from any grid).

when you see how transverse waves interact with longitudinal waves it gets extremely obvious what you can do... it is almost comical how simple this really is. i have just given multiple keywords that totally give away the whole thing here... any google search will bring it up right away.

as far as scale is concerned... my medium term goal is to scale back down to a device i can send up on a weather balloon with a go-pro and a data-logger to see how far from the earth surface i can make this work... and still be able to recover it to download the data... should be a fun trick i think.

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Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 05:11 UTC

12kW/unit would do me, for now.

PM functionality should arrive this year sometime, if we're lucky. If we're really lucky, collaborational tools too which would allow for multiple to work on the same document at the same time.

I personally say release the plans, placing warning where applicable, and if someone wants to earn themselves a darwin award, let them. They'll just make the gene pool that little bit cleaner.

Yeah, the inverter alone would set me back more than $100. Especially one that can pass 12kW.

As to your baloon idea.. Typically helium will rise until the baloon can no-longer withstand the pressure and bursts, unless you can keep it below this height. Decent arrest technology critical (parachute should do). Grab yourself an ardiuno nano($2) and that can log data... it can also pick up from GPS and record it's locations - send this data earthbound via a small RF transmitter... Should be able to rig something that can relay data whilst in the air, and help you find it when it comes back down quite cheaply. I had similar plans, but not for testing a generation rig - just to float something near upper atmos, because I can.

Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 04:39 UTC

ok, but you gotta know this packs quite a punch, it was invented by Lawrence Rayburn from Canada, patent #46214433... be very careful... it has been refined and i wont share that here... but you got enough to get started now.

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Good discussion here...

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