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Re: Unlimited Energy  

Arrogant fool! Not all knowledge can be found on textbooks. LOL

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Here we are looking for an option for the energy theme. There are thousands of ways to produce energy. Respecting the opinions of others is that you learn. Give ous your opinion and explain, if you know another way to produce energy expose it. Tell us your constructive opinion. Thanks to engineer Marlon for giving us his constructive opinion and each of those who do.

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I apologize for being rude, Jason Rainbow but as you say that we ought to respect and tolerate each other should not be biased or one-sided. I did not assert my claim that I could prove it in words or describe it to you. I said I wanted to demonstrate it in front of a panel of experts if that's possible. Just saying outright that I'm wrong, because this book says so is also rude, because my accuser has not made any actual research himself to pass judgement onto me. That's hypocritical and unethical behavior! I don't have to prove myself to you or anyone. I can keep all this to myself and reap the benefits later. I had so much zeal and faith for Asgardia as its concept would give hope to humanity, but if you act like your predecessors who are exceptionalists also, then you will make a painfully slow progress with overglorified primitive technology.

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Thank you garcia1110!

We will never make progress as a species if one group thinks they are better than the other group, because of discrimination and stereotypes. It's so sad to see that pride is valued more than knowledge.

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In the last time, 3 types of people will survive, the powerful (those who have a lot of money and know how to use it), the intelligent, and those who God have mercy on them.What group are you in? Now tell how to make unlimited energy.

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By: Jason Rainbow(Global Mod) on 24 December 2016, 3:53 a.m. A major part of the Asgardian concept is Tolerance and Respect for each other and our opinion. If you are unable to comment in a polite and constructive way on a post it is quite simply the best option to not pass a comment.

Was this directed at me or Marlon. There was no quote so I don't know.

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One does find the most interesting things on the internet these days...

To anyone reading this who isn't too familiar with the science, there is the concept whereby in a closed system entropy increases. For clarification, a closed system is defined as one where neither energy or matter can enter or leave. Entropy is essentially a measure of how ordered something is, so for example a highly symmetric crystal where everything follows the same pattern has very low entropy while a gas where molecules fly apart randomly without pattern has high entropy. Now it has been observed in nature that under every circumstance where something is isolated from surroundings that overall things tends to disorder, that is, entropy INCREASES. So 2 mixtures of gases for example that are separated will evantually mix in all proportions because that way it is more disordered. It is observed that things do not spontaneously go the opposite way, gasses in the air do not spontaneously separate out into pure oxygen and pure nitrogen, this is intuitively quite odd. This concept is known as the second law of thermodynamics (i felt i should explain it as it is often misunderstood, not much to do with energy, more to do with entropy) and it is part of a well understood framework of how the world works.

It is this concept that tends to make ideas of perpetual motion incorrect as a perpetual motion would allow entropy to forever DECREASE which is something most unheard of. It would be like a bar of metal spontaneously collect all its heat on one end leaving the other cold. For this reason when someone proposes they have made a perpetual motion machine, particularly when they have done so without any evidence (and remember this is the foundational doctrine, if you like, of science), we should always be sceptical. We should certainly try not to be lured into amazement by these things particularly if we don't understand them, because they could quite likely be wrong and we could simply be fueling any kind of scam or mental illness (or curious joke) that is happening here. Of course that all changes when evidence is displayed (though I have a sneaky suspicion we will never see anything of the like) but until then we should not be humouring this out of a misdirected sense of tolerance and just ignore it.

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please define "Unlimited Energy". because the Universe does actually function with, from my perspective, "unlimited energy"... it is the process of capturing or utilizing unlimited energy that is somewhat of a challenge. for example... solar power is unlimited energy from the sun. if you dont catch the shadow of the Earth on your panel because you are in space over the north or south pole... you got it as a constant. but you would need to have built solar panels and utilize the electricity from them...

ok, solar wind? free unlimited energy.. need i elaborate? same rules.

i have been successful in building a simple electrical circuit of a Tesla design that gave me free unlimited (in duration) energy that lit 3 LEDs for over a month using 4 diodes and 4 capacitors with an aerial and a ground... it was a simple circuit i had to parallel 3 together to get it to work... it worked... so i know it is possible, although minuscule in output, it could be scaled up in a very cumbersome way... anyway, proof of concept.

this is not unlimited energy unless you consider it never turned off, the limit was in the overall output. it took 3 parallel circuits to get the amps i needed for 3 LEDs... i could series the circuit to increase the voltage too.... and so on.

anyway, it wasn't free because it cost me parts and labor. maybe $3.00 USD

can anyone else share something they actually built? i dont need an explanation of how or why they think it worked. im an electrician so i can figure that out my self.

the thread is unlimited energy and i know it is real to a certain extent, just try and stay focused on what that actually implies and lets be fair to everyone by being as constructive as possible. not everyone has a degree in electrical engineering and not all unlimited energy is electrical... and lets please not turn this into an "over-unity" argument. i consider the title "unlimited energy" to imply that there is no limit to the energy "from our perspective", the sun will eventually go black, but im not going to be here to see that.

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By: Clive on 25 December 2016, 12:17 a.m.

can you provide enough information so that we can build one to test your circuit?

yes i would be happy to do so, but it involves an electrical schematic, you may contact me privately and i will share the information.

i dont see a way that this forum can allow for that... would it be acceptable to exchange email addresses in an open forum?

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The topic of unlimited energy is pretty interesting actually, i think the only one that can really reach the kind of output needed on earth would be nuclear fusion (if that ever gets working) but there is another one I have seen the concept to which is essentially based on firing high energy protons at each other in a particle accelerator until they form a micro black hole and then constantly feeding it with protons while it evaporates and harness the hawking radiation. Essentially it's a 100% mass to energy converter while nuclear fusion is maybe only 5% or something so it's pretty interesting. Mind you it's not likely to happen this side of the century as we would first need to make a black hole which i don't think the large hadron collider has yet done, and they we'd need to sustain it and find some way to contain and quickly dissipate it but still it's a pretty cool concept.

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Hello everyone, I only believe in what I see, and I have never seen with my own eyes any machine that can produce energy from nothing. BUT it doesn't mean that it can not exist. I know it breaks the laws of the thermodynamics, but these laws are set on observations (a lot of observations, but only observations), not on mathematical demonstrations, and that's why I wouldn't say that building an over-unity system is impossible (just unlikely). So, Marlon, if you bring us one day the proof that your invention really works (maybe when Asgardia will buy its first territory an develop the first projects), then I will be glad to join this amazing project, but today, I don't have enough proofs to believe in it.

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Just to comment on Zero Point Energy, it isn't technically perpetual energy. How it works to my knowledge is cosmic radiation and other waves of all kinds zooming about passing by the magnets. When they pass by the magnets they are forced around the magnets due to the polarization of the magnet; generating a small force against it.

There is plenty of information about it, and many conspiracies.

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Just to comment on Zero Point Energy, it isn't technically perpetual energy. How it works to my knowledge is cosmic radiation and other waves of all kinds zooming about passing by the magnets. When they pass by the magnets they are forced around the magnets due to the polarization of the magnet; generating a small force against it.

There is plenty of information about it, and many conspiracies.

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Nice Discussion here :) I just want to give my input.

When a close box produce energy and you didn't add anything such as fuel, etc. (zero input) does it means it is extraordinary? I say NO. It is common. It just that, we didn't see what are the components that makes and affect this machine to looks like perpetual Machine. One of the biggest example is bloombox, used by google headquarters. If you don't know about it, google it.

There are a lot of forces in this world that we didn't see yet available., there's a lot of available free forces but we didn't care to maximized the use to convert it to energy. One example is the force of gravity. I want to create a perpetual machine, I will just get a two heavy ball that goes up and down thru the help of gravity, this will create a spinning gear in never ending motion. Then I will enclose it, into a box, then voila - I have perpetual machine. Will the gear spin forever? yes, as long as the parts are workable. Well ofcourse, I didn't say it is that easy, it will takes countless of times of work and countless of times looking for a perfect cheap parts to perfect it and produce a workable machine, but it is achievable. There are lot of other untapped energy, such as lightning, wave, etc. Perpetual machine is not impossible after all, it is not impossible to achieved.